The other day I was reading a friend’s blog. They’d written an entry that contained one of those questionnaires, you know, the kind of thing that regularly drops into your inbox and gets deleted as soon as you note the subject line contains the characters “FW:”, or, if not containing those characters, instead playing host […]


Last night someone sent me three emails with a subject line of “Photo+Text” or something like that. The body of the message informed me that Yale University (from whom the emails were alleged to have come) needed my consent for an article on me for their campus magazine. Now I won’t ask you to “call […]

Bob the donkey – News update

Today, *Cough* went to London, and I came back to the Welsh Garden Project. In a style that is typical for us, we had arranged it so that our trains departed but a few minutes apart from Sheffield Station, and from the same platform. The latter took a bit of organising. You know, buying some […]

A close shave

It was the night following my disastrous Japanese language exam, and I was in need of some relaxation. Enter *Cough*, the most marvellous, the most magical, the most incredible, lady in the land. Part of my prescribed therapy was a wee hair cut. Just a trim, you know, to stop me looking like a legless […]

Condemned at Birth

I think the expression on this Gap Kid’s face says it all. Condemned to a Chav life from birth.

GPS Banana Skin Detectors – Don’t leave home without one

Imagine yourself on a fine winter’s day, mist rising from the valley below, a pale sun struggling to make its warmth felt upon your face. That morning, You had donned your hiking boots, put your wooliest wooly hat on your head and fumbled around in the wardrobe to find your favourite walking stick. It was […]

WANTED: Native Japanese Speaker

to take a Japanese language exam this afternoon. Must bear a striking resemblence to Joseph Tame. Reply as soon as possible as it starts in 4 hours. arrggggghhhh.

2 down 1 to go

Walked into the same examination hall today. That same examination hall was the same temperature as it was yesterday, that is, about -50 degrees. Ok, ok, so that’s a slight exaggeration, but only by a factor of 52 degrees. Yes, that’s right, we were asked to sit a 3-hour exam in a hall that was […]

Preston Town

Reviewing my notes on the creation of a popular image for the Emperor Meiji in 1880s Japan, I see that nudity and urinating in public were banned at that time to help in the creation of the image of a ‘Modern Nation’. This reminded me of the first time I went to Otaru, a port […]


What the hell is wrong with me? It’s the start of exam week – and I’m feeling really happy! Could it be the fact that life is wonderful? Or is it just the sex? No, can’t be that, it’s been 2 days. Hmmm…

1 down, 2 to go

Phew. That’s War and Peace dealt with. No problems there, the questions were just as expected, and I felt I knew enough to be able to answer at least 5 of the 8, even though only 3 were required. Bit of a bummer in that I spent most of yesterday reading up on East Timor […]

T minus not very long and counting

So, just under 19 hours until my first 3-hour exam. Or, as I prefer to think of it, just under 22 hours until my first exam is over. Naturally, this means I’ve been very busy today. Spent 20 minutes trying to arrange 1000 staples so they’d fit back in their box properly. 15 minutes correcting […]

Squirrels and the suchlike

Ok, I’m getting thoroughly sick and tired of study now. Another whole day of head buried in lecture notes. Arrgggghh. In a bid to cling on to what little sanity I have, I have changed the scenery around my desk. Not that there was anything wrong with the old scenery, I just thought a change […]

Golly Golly Gosh!

What a long day indeedy it has been today, or yesterday, or tomorrow depending on who I am and where you are in the world. It began for me some 16 hours ago when I woke up to the domino tones of an energised tory mp drossing on about some policy or other that the […]

I am such a good boy!

I wrote another essay this evening. This time about the Spratly island dispute (it’s a bunch of islands in the South China Sea claimed by six nations. I argued that that dispute is way more volatile than either North Korea or the Taiwan issue. Let’s hope that question comes up next week eh?) Tomorrow I […]

5 days and counting

Ah, the relief! I have just completed my first revision-exam-test thing, whereby I give myself one hour to write an essay answering one of last year’s exam questions. I chose the one that I find the most difficult – get it out the way you know. What was the title? Er, oh yeah, “How useful […]

Looking back at 2005

My body clock may be about two weeks late, but tonight I’ve been feeling kind of annual-review ish. I mean, not only has it just turned 2006, but also, I’ve turned 28. I’ve just had a quick flick through my Mumble archives from last year – made me feel positively exhausted, I can’t believe I […]

Full Moon

It’s full moon tonight. Makes me want to howl like a wolf. For stereotypical reasons you understand. Of course the problem with trying to photograph a full moon through the trees is that it’s just too bloomin bright, thus negating it of all its moon-ness. Well, I suppose I can still howl, and dream of […]


I don’t need no Snickers bar to feel satisfied. Oh no, just sit me down with 60 Kanji (Japanese characters) and tell me to learn them. How to read them (up to about 4 different readings per character depending on context), how to write them (anything up to about 20 pen strokes per character). Oh, […]

another one bites the dust

…might be one way to put it. Personally though, I think that’s far too negative, and actually rather misleading. The fact that yet another of my classmates has decided to quit uni is actually something to be applauded – not because I don’t like them, because I do, and I really enjoyed having more contact […]

lichen on the tree of thought

Indeed. So, finally, after two days of fiddling about with this template and changing millions of links contained within the Tame Goes Wild network I have managed to reach the point at which I can say, “Ok, I’ve wasted enough time on that for now. Did someone mention something about exams in 11 days?” Yes, […]

Noses and lace contraceptives

The weather is really blaaar today. This morning I spent a couple of hours uprooting brambles, along with the stumps of a few trees I took down about two years ago, which was quite satisfying, although I kept on treading in doggy-do, which was not so satisfying. All this to the sweet melody of my […]

The all-new Radio Controlled Iron

Do your legs get tired when ironing your husband’s Y-fronts? If so, then this is for you! The Radio-Controlled Iron is the latest product to reach European shores from the mysteriously exotic oriental islands of Japonica in the Far East. Simply place the RadiRon on your ironing board, on top of his freshly laundered briefs, […]

All Change

Hello, and a Happy New Year to you all. Josephine here with the all new Daily Mumble, totally redesigned in a kind of it-looks-just-like-it-did-before type way. Victim of its own success, that’s what it is. My server is groaning under the strain of over 19,000 visits a month …and thus demanding further finance to keep […]