Phew. That’s War and Peace dealt with. No problems there, the questions were just as expected, and I felt I knew enough to be able to answer at least 5 of the 8, even though only 3 were required. Bit of a bummer in that I spent most of yesterday reading up on East Timor – and there was no East Timor option!! Sod’s law.

It wasn’t plain sailing though. ooooooh no. no sireeee. not by a longshot. In no way shape or form. Ok, I think you get the idea.
Thing was, the exam was held in a tin shack built in the 8th century BC, which remained as cold as it had been in the ice age.

The heating system was broken. It was only at 11.30am, that is, with just thirty minutes of the three-hour exam left to go, that the invigilator apologised to us for the lack of heating and said it had just been fixed, and the place should start to warm up soon.

In front of him, the 150 statues frozen in the pose of students hunched over examination tables didn’t react. Oh, except for one, whose nose fell to the ground and shattered into a thousand shards of ice.

Anyhow, I have sent off my campaigning emails to the examinations office – if enough of us complain our marks will be adjusted accordingly.

Meanwhile, back in the Arts Tower, an essay awaited collection. I was, i must admit, rather dissapointed, as I didn’t get a first. No, in fact I was 5 points off, at 65%. Oh well, looks like I’m set for a II.1 this semester.

Anyway, I’m now incredibly tired having got up at 7am, so I shall love you and leave you, and have a nap, maybe.

Oh, did someone mention something about another exam in 19 hours?