…might be one way to put it. Personally though, I think that’s far too negative, and actually rather misleading.

The fact that yet another of my classmates has decided to quit uni is actually something to be applauded – not because I don’t like them, because I do, and I really enjoyed having more contact with her last semester (in comparison to the first year when we didn’t really get to know one another at all) – no, it is to be applauded because it’s a damn hard decision to make, especially at this stage of the game. Takes me back to when I quit college – the best thing I ever did, resulting in my embarkation upon a wonderful path that never would have come to light had I stuck to the main road.

Crikey, “takes me back” – now there’s a sign of aging if ever there was one. Speaking of which, it’s my birthday today. Thank you ever so much to all of you who sent me birthday messages from all over the world, I really appreciate it. In fact, with the exception of mum’s #2 & #3 it seems the further away from the UK people are the more likely they are to remember my birthday. Thank you also to those of you who sent me gifts, either via Amazon or through Paypal – exceedingly generous of you, I really really appreciate it.

I managed to escape the threat of cleaning out the gutters today thanks to a wall that is falling down the other side of the county (there is a direct connection, honest). Instead, I did some thoroughly rewarding log-splitting. Tis a joy when the log splits first time straight down the middle. ‘Takes me back’ to when (in 2000) I did the very same for weeks on end on a Swiss mountainside, with the aid of a tractor and a few friends.

Anyway, time for a birthday biscuit and a cup of tea. Then a bit more Kanji I think. Hurrah for Birthday kanji!! xxx