The other day I was reading a friend’s blog. They’d written an entry that contained one of those questionnaires, you know, the kind of thing that regularly drops into your inbox and gets deleted as soon as you note the subject line contains the characters “FW:”, or, if not containing those characters, instead playing host to about three billion >’s down the left hand side.

Enough to drive anyone mad.

Anyway, I noted in this questionnaire, which actually I found to be quite informative, a section at the bottom called “4 Tagged”, under which were listed 4 people, me being one of them. I hadn’t a clue what this meant, until Bono, on his way to Davos, told me that it meant that my friend wanted me to do the questionnaire!

Arggh! What to do? My Mumble has never been soiled by the likes of a get-to-know-your-friends better type thing. Go and have a look at the rest of the Tame Goes Wild network you lazy sod, it’s all there! Ker! I know, can’t be arsed can you? Just want it all in a five minute snippet. Ah, so 2006.

Still, as this questionnaire contained no death threat (if I didn;t forward it to half the world’s population within 5 nanoseconds), and as I am trying to avoid reading the rest of this chapter on the Japanese Constitution (the first half sent me back to sleep this morning), I have dutifully completed said questionnaire. Still, so as not to set a precedent I have confined it to a secure unit, where it cannot infect the rest of the site.

It’s here.

The rather scary thing is, I actually rather enjoyed doing it… Next thing you know I’ll be drawing houses that determine my personality type and using expressions such as ‘Meme’ (what?) and ‘XD’, which I’m sure is some kind of sexually transmitted disease.

9 Responses

  1. I’m pretty sure that meme is just.. me, me, put together, which describes what most web things are about really. Used to refer to stupid quizzes, surveys etc which are popular at the moment. Or something. Lame, but yet I still do them. Who can fathom why?

  2. ahhhh I see.

    So if someone says “I got a meme from so&so” does that mean they got an email all about that person?

    I hope you liked my house reference. tee hee. I did actually draw one, but it told me that I like to be alone and I hate to be alone, so I told it to stop being silly.

    Oh, congrats on being teh first ever person to leave a message on my blog by the way. My regular viewers are a bit shy it seems.

  3. Oh, and I think there is a very good reason why you do them – because like me you sometimes do anything you can to be too busy to study kanji!!!

  4. Yes, that is probably it!

    No, they see them on other people’s journals and then do them themselves, most of the time.

    I feel so proud, Yayy for meee!

    The house thing was a load of rubbish for me too, I just wanted to draw a house and felt bored enough to post it. Hehehe.

  5. ahhhhhhhh. I see.
    gosh, how strange. Bjork just came on on my iTunes random play thing which has about 30 billion songs on. It must have sensed your presence!

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