The weather is really blaaar today.

This morning I spent a couple of hours uprooting brambles, along with the stumps of a few trees I took down about two years ago, which was quite satisfying, although I kept on treading in doggy-do, which was not so satisfying. All this to the sweet melody of my own voice on my MP3 player telling me the meanings of a bunch of Kanji characters I should have learnt about 5 months ago.

Makes me feel the need to say Neeeeeeeah, like Bob the horse, who *cough* and I had an encounter with a week or two back.

Gosh, that nose is bigger than mine!

…Speaking of which, I have had to install a tap due to the never-ending flow of snot that insists on drizzling forth unhindered by my sniffs. I think it suits me, in a kind of “I’m only a black-and-white drawing” type way.

oh crikey, my insurance is up for renewal – this fact led me to make the mistake of checking out how much a replacement would cost for this laptop, which retailed for about £2,300 when I bought it 3 years ago.

We’re talking about £500 now if I bought if from the manufacturer! Crikey oh riley, considering last night I very nearly had to carry out a format and reinstall this is very tempting… At least it would be if I had £500. What can I sell? Hmm, my gf has exclusive rights to my most valuable asset, so that leaves, er, a few old CDs? Or, of course, I could just wait for you to click on that “make a Donation” button on the right… pretty please with a cherry on top.

II suppose it kind of makes sense for me to wait until I’m back in Japan later in the year. head on over to Akihabara, scene of two laptop purchasings by myself in the past. Very cheap there, although when it comes to export models the choice is limited.

Oh, I know, I could sell someone else’s latest invention – the Lace Condom…

Perfect for delicate love-making.

Ho hum. I’d better get on with my reading. Today: can any responsibility for Japan’s wartime conduct be attributed to Emperor Hirohito?