I don’t need no Snickers bar to feel satisfied. Oh no, just sit me down with 60 Kanji (Japanese characters) and tell me to learn them. How to read them (up to about 4 different readings per character depending on context), how to write them (anything up to about 20 pen strokes per character). Oh, and 300 words that are made up of kanji compounds.

Yes, I have finally conquered all the kanji that we were given to learn for the first half of last semester. Kanji is my BIG weak point when it comes to Japanese. Thing is, I really do like them, but they aren’t half scary, and due to the workload last semester they were the first thing to be thrown out of the window (there were no regular assessments that counted towards our final result).

Today though, I have reached that point where I can read and write every single compound on my sheet, plus of course their meanings in English. Hurrah!

Now I just have to learn the other 6 weeks worth. Imagine if I’d done this when I was supposed to. Imagine the time I’d now have to revise my grammar, and read up for my other exams. Oh well, I won’t be making this mistake next semester,

It’s been a nice birthday though. I’ve spent a fortune returning text messages! Thank you, everyone. Mum #3 made me a special birthday pudding which was grand, and I got completely wrecked on a 250ml bottle of beer J

Anyway, I now have a video conference to attend. Hopefully my lady friend will be just about to put her pyjamas on when the webcam kicks in *wicked grin*