Gertrude: “What’s all that noise out the front dear?”Arthur (looking out the window): “Ahh!, it’s those damn Vikings again! They’d better not trample on my rose bed or there’ll be hell to pay!” It was a little odd, I must say. Sitting in a nice quiet tea-shop in yee ancienty city of York, sipping a […]


I’m sure that Thomas and all his friends are on something. I mean, whenever you see them, they have the same innane fixed grin on their faces – as demonstrated here by Percy whom I bumped into at the weekend. I bet they don’t even flinch when they hit a bluetit at 30mph on their […]

Back Up

Apologies for the short outage folks. Still, we’re back online, and I added another 7 posts whilst the line was down …oh, and 191 photos have appeared in this month’s album, which is in the usual place (they’re yet to be labelled though, so just use your imagination!) tarra!

I went on a Shinkansen yesterday!

Ok, so considering that Joseph Tame is very much Japan-orientated, this should not come as much of surprise. Except that I’m in the UK. Ahh, natsukashii. This Bullet Train may have been an old model (no longer in service in Japan), but still, it did feel rather real in a funny way. Amazing what you […]

Gold for Japan

Day after day the news updates poured in, of more failures by Japan’s Winter Olympic team to get any medals. Until Thursday, when Shizuka Arakawa took Gold in Figure Skating. What I’m concerned with though is how on Earth she got from this position, – horizontal in mid-air – back to vertical on ice? Ah, […]

It’s grim up North

Travelling by train in the North, you can’t go more than a few miles before stumbling upon one of these polluting beauties. No less than 3 on the short strech between Sheffield and York.

Horse C*ck

As regular Mumblers will know, the most common search term entered into Google that results in my site being displayed is “Horse Cock”. Why, I have no idea, for this was happening long before my story of the Horse that stands proudly at the entrance to the famed Dinosaur “Don’t Go There” Park of North […]


The is only one question that needs to be asked of this Estate Agent – WHY? Surely you could have thought of another name for your business, rather than using the unfortunate title that you were born with. I mean, it’s bad enough having a name like that anyway, you know, when making an oppointment […]

Fan Mail

You may recall that Last October I received a love letter, from a stranger, named Tony. That was not the first time that that had happened. You see, I write for an Australian magazine, not a real magazine, just a pretend one. It has a print run of about 7000, and is sent to members […]


As I sit here, eating my muesli and gazing at our hyacinth (a bulbous herb formerly placed in the lily family Liliaceae but now regarded as the type genus of the separate family Hyacinthaceae), I wonder how on Earth it has managed to produce so much matter in the space of just 5 days. When […]


What a bloomin awful afternoon it’s turned out to be. Started off with an email from someone regarding an email I’d sent a few days back, which had contained one line which I must admit, looking back, was a little insensitive. Didn’t really think about it at the time. Feel terrible now, have apologised. but […]

Soap Dilemma

I just don’t know which half of the soap to use now. Should I use the smaller half, to get rid of it quickly and make the sink look neater, or should I use the bigger half to get it down to the same size as the smaller half, thus restoring balance and harmony? Suggestions […]

Change of plan

Manchester is postponed for a week – we’re off to York to go and watch the Vikings do battle instead!! I’ve always wanted to go and see that sort of thing, ever since I was a wee young-un, Hurray! Gathering of the Forces 1.30 – 2.00pm, Museum Gardens by the Yorkshire Museum The Viking army […]

Big Bladder

You know, I swear the guy living above me has a bladder the size of a 5 litre petrol can. Everytime he goes to the loo he pees for ages and ages, I can hear his wee hit the water. I’m assuming it’s a guy, but I suppose it could be a girl who for […]

SIMs and Soap

I’ve spent a fortune on photocopies this week. Let’s hope it pays off when in August I get the results for the essay I haven’t yet written. I’ve also scanned a few billion books to save precious pennies, hurray for Optical Character Recognition software I say! It’s been quite an odd first couple of weeks […]


I used to have a very idealistic view of Japan. A ‘unique’ homogeneous society, with all working together for a common good. Low crime rates. A ‘Peace Constitution’. A love of cherry blossoms and all things Zen. The most sexy women in the world. Astonishing how knowledge aquired through university has changed all that. Cynicism […]

Me and My Monkey

Got so much homework to do today. So, of course when I thought about making a video comprising of the Black and White shots of Me and my Monkey taken earlier this month I knew that I had to do it NOW, it just couldn’t wait. It’s not very good, but I like it. 1mb, […]

Feeling old(er)

It does kind of piss me off that physically, I feel older than my class mates. They seem to be able to do things like pull all-nighters on a regular basis when required. If I was to do that I’d be written off for the next few days. Likewise, with things like weed. Years ago, […]

Japan Day, Valentines Day

Hello hello. Hmm so much to say, it’s almost enough to warrant a podcast. Sadly I can’t afford the bandwidth, so we’ll have to make do with HTML. Well, what a week or two it’s been. Absolutely mad. Just been soooo busy. This has primarily been due to last Sunday’s Japan Day, the biggest event […]

sunny day

It’s a lovely clear, sunny day today, and I feel all nervously positive!WIGGY!

3 days

…that’s how long it took for the full horror of the new semester to sink in. A little superficial analysis of my feelings of utter arggh reveal that of the three modules that I am taking, it is the language one that is making me feel like I’m about to run off a huge unseen-until-it’s-too-late […]

Back already?

Yes, The Daily Mumble is back here, at after an unsuccessful one-month trial on some server owned by, that I think must have been clockwork, or running on rechargeable batteries that had a habit of going flat every five minutes. The rather bizarre thing is, is that I can’t access the old version […]


It’s a good job I don’t get pissed off very easily. Because I have just spent Bl**DY 5 hours recording a BL**DY DVD that, having checked it just now, I discover to be so pixalated it may as well have come from the Land of the Pixies. Usually my super-sexy drive can churn out a […]

Finger Update

Well, the good news is that it doesn’t really hurt. However, I am in a bit of a quandry. You see, I can’t decide whether or not to cut the flap of skin off. Is it aiding the healing process, or holding it back? What would you do in my situation? Suggestions on a postcard […]


I just crushed my finger between two big logs. That was clever. It bled a lot, and a huge flap of skin was left dangling. I felt very sick and light-headed. I valiently staggered back to the house from the other side of the garden, and located a bandage for it. Now it’s all wrapped […]