You know, I swear the guy living above me has a bladder the size of a 5 litre petrol can. Everytime he goes to the loo he pees for ages and ages, I can hear his wee hit the water. I’m assuming it’s a guy, but I suppose it could be a girl who for some reason likes to pee standing up on the loo seat. Bit messy though, dribbles down the legs etc. Not that I’d know, being a guy and all that.

I suppose this gives me a good excuse to once again put in a link to my favourite ever flash movie.

Toilets in Japan have come on quite a way since then. Modern ones come complete with slots for SD memory sticks, so you can upload your favourite music.

“Let’s Enjoy Poo to the Music” as they would probably say if their ads were translated into Engrish