Manchester is postponed for a week – we’re off to York to go and watch the Vikings do battle instead!! I’ve always wanted to go and see that sort of thing, ever since I was a wee young-un, Hurray!

Gathering of the Forces
1.30 – 2.00pm, Museum Gardens by the Yorkshire Museum
The Viking army assemble to march on the enemy.
In conjunction with York Museums Trust

March to Battle
2.00pm, start from Museum Gardens, then on to Parliament Street, Coppergate, Eye of York
Join the warriors as they march through the city centre to face their foe.

Festival Battle Spectacular!
Clash of Weapons
2.30pm, Eye of York, by Clifford’s Tower
Local forces opposing the marriage of King Sihtric of Dublin to Edith, sister of Athelstan, rise up against the king’s forces in bloody battle. Who will win the day? Witness the glitter of sword and spear in our afternoon battle.