It does kind of piss me off that physically, I feel older than my class mates. They seem to be able to do things like pull all-nighters on a regular basis when required. If I was to do that I’d be written off for the next few days.

Likewise, with things like weed. Years ago, when I was a lad and living in an isolated cow shed in the alps I used to be able to fuction perfectly ok if I smoked a joint when I first woke up, another for elevenses, a third mid-afternoon and a few at bedtime. Now, if I was to smoke even the smallest bit of wacky backy I’d need a week to recover.

I guess this is the one disadvantage of being a ‘mature’ uni student. You just can’t afford to abuse your body as you used to.

Thinking of drugs, you know, I’m surprised at how few there are around here. I mean, in 1 1/2 years at uni I’ve never come across any mention of anything like Ecstasy etc. Weed, yes, one of my ex-classmates did occasionally have a toke, but apart from him I don’t know anyone on my course or otherwise who indulges. Maybe it’s the circles I move in.

Couldn’t be more different from 6th Form College where more time was spent under that big Chestnut tree in Churchill gardens than in the classroom.