Cold as Ice

…was thankfully not how you could describe my arse after a trip to Ice Sheffield with Japan Soc yesterday. I didn’t fall over ONCE! Mind you, I wasn’t actually on the ice for very long – I’ve decided that I don’t like ice skating. I mean, all you can do is go round and round […]

Our Class

hey hey hey it’s all good this LIFE business, I just love it. Woke up this morning, and as usual, felt very happy. Mind you, I was a bit surprised to find my girlfriend here. Two days apart and I’d got used to the bachelour lifestyle again. Forgotten how nice it is to be trodden […]


Thanks to Morris for the following. classic (p.s. real life coming soon! Once presentations etc are out of the way…)

New version of Windows

I note that Windows have just released their latest operating system, “Windows Really Good”. It has all those features we know and love… try creating a document in Word…


So here I am sitting in the library trying to write my weekly Japanese essay (this week’s topic is the possible causes of the declining birth rate) …being distracted by the guy opposite me. He’s a ‘sukebe’, that is, someone constantly thinking about sex. That sort of person just disgusts me… (hmm, I wonder when […]

Outlook Knows Best

Whenever I post a blog, a copy is sent to my email inbox for my records (for the movie etc). However, when the entry that I posted two days ago arrived, it seems that Outlook’s filter was able to detect the high volume of winey crap it contained, and automatically took appropriate action…

just a little bit longer

Really really struggling to keep up now. It’s kind of crunch time, what with it being 7 weeks into the semester (i.e. all those little things I’ve left till later are now meeting their laters), and I’ve got two presentations to give next week. Thankfully one of them is pretty much sorted, did it last […]


The 20-storey monstrosity that houses my departmen at uni, that being the infamous ‘Arts Tower’ (which sadly cannot be knocked down due to the fact that it is on the governments database of listed buildings), has turned into a daffodil. Exactly what a bunch of daffodils were doing 20 years ago in Sheffield I don’t […]


Where does it go? I’ve spent two whole days just doing homework for the language part of my course (that’s 30% of the total) We’re talkin normal weekly homework here, no special coursework. It was my intention to start working on one of my two forthcoming presentions yesterday, and yet here we are, 2pm on […]

Whipped Cream

Despite what the title of this entry may suggest, there is not a tongue in sight as I type, nor any naked flesh. However, what there is is an empty jam jar with a splattering of whipped cream coating its glacial inner surface. You see, I learnt something about cream-whipping today, and I was so […]

Sheer Unadulterated Beauty

God is a DJ an iPod designer. I don’t think I have ever owned such a sexy bit of kit. It really is just pure sex-in-a-sleek-white/metallic-case. Who to sleep with tonight? *Cough*? iPod? It’s a tricky one. 30GB of sheer lickable gorgeousness vs. gorgeous Japanese babe. Hmmm.. I particularly like the fact that I can […]

Sony Walks No More

I received my beautiful Sony Walkman this afternoon. Two hours after I’d unwrapped it I came to the conclusion that the software that accompanied it was indeed crap, in fact so crap that despite the sexy nature of the beast I’d be better off without it in my life, crashing my PC etc. Thus, I […]

Joseph: 1, Bank: 0

Another wonderful thing happened today. 6000 pounds appeared in my bank account. Ok, so sadly not really mine, just sort of leant to me so I can apply for a Student Visa for Japan (my real funding doesn’t come through until September). Ok, so all I needed was a letter from the bank stating that […]

Results are in

Oohh I have been a naughty boy! The discovery of 600 pounds yesterday coincided with a) exam results and b) an email from Sony detailing some factory-reconditioned HDD Walkmans, you know, those damn sexy purple ones with the hidden screen, at half price. I gave them a ring and discovered that they’re not actually factory-refurbished […]

The Power of the Zoom

You know that Digital SLR I mentioned yesterday, you know, the one I’ve always wanted ever since they were first invented – well, I dreamt about it last night. The power of the zoom lens was quite extraordinary. Looking across the English Channel from southern England I could actually see Paris, quite clearly in fact. […]

Flat ‘mates’

I was thinking today, I still don’t know the names of 2 of the 4 people I share this tiny flat with. Wonder if I could get into the Guiness Book of Records with that claim?

Student Fridge

I must admit, it’s puzzled me for a while now as to why we have so many tubs of margerine and Philadelphia Cream cheese in our student fridge. I know for a fact that one flat-mate only EVER eats microwave ready meals, whilst another lives on a diet of Marks and Sparks Oven-Ready meals, never […]

money money money

Gosh that was a nice surprise! A conversation with my mother today led me to check my annual budget spreadsheet, which I haven’t looked at for quite a while. IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I discovered that I’d completely forgotten that student loans are paid in THREE installments, rather than two (which I’d been thinking they […]

What’s happening to me?

A few hours spent reading about the mad mad world that is the Japanese economy and I find myself actually getting interested in economics! I’m sure this university thing is bad for my health.

Snow (and restaurants with dodgy names)

Living in Student accomodation means that even if you were to never leave your room and always kept the curtains shut, you would ALWAYS know when it was snowing. This is due to the screeches of Malaysian, Thai and Greek students who have never seen snow before (don’t get me wrong, I’m not mocking them […]

Nasty chemicals and cheesy moons

  After the snow last night the sky cleared, revealing this rather lovely moon that was rather moon-like in appearance, I’m sure you’ll agree. Well, in Shower News, I am delighted to tell you that I have cleared the blockage, with the shower-equivilent of an enema, that is, a rather potent Caustic Soda solution. Bloomin […]

I Love My Professor

He may be renowned for giving lectures in a manner that is sure to send even the most hyperactive smarty-filled 5-year-old fast alseep for 15 years, he may be distinctly offish with students in a way that makes you feel that his mind is on another planet entirely (i.e. he is not concerned in the […]

No socks or pants

It’s getting to that time of year again when I have to do my laundry. 20p coins can be deposited in the comments section below. Thank you.

Drainage Dilemma

I don’t know what the cause is, but lately my shower has been distinctly reluctant to get rid of the water deposited in its base having gushed forth from the spout above and bathed my baby skin in warm droplets of freshness (and chlorine probably). Ok, so on the face of it this is perfectly […]

A Sign of Spring

  Oh yes mama, it may just look like any old sun-through-dirty-window-photo, but it ain’t. You see, what this symolises is hope, freshness, new life, running naked through the park in a bid to express one’s joy that winter is over and then getting arrested for showing off your willy wongy. Daffodils, warmth, a lawn […]