Oh yes mama, it may just look like any old sun-through-dirty-window-photo, but it ain’t. You see, what this symolises is hope, freshness, new life, running naked through the park in a bid to express one’s joy that winter is over and then getting arrested for showing off your willy wongy. Daffodils, warmth, a lawn to be mown – all these can be found in this simple image taken at 3.28pm today in this here room where I sit now.

Due to the strategic location of the building on the other side of the courtyard, and the exterior wall you see to the left, the sun has not been able to steal a glance at my beautiful room ever since last Autumn. Until Now.

I love Spring. It’s my favourite season by far – except on rainy days of course.

Makes me feel very happy and shiney, and, well, I think I will go for that run in the park after all.