He may be renowned for giving lectures in a manner that is sure to send even the most hyperactive smarty-filled 5-year-old fast alseep for 15 years, he may be distinctly offish with students in a way that makes you feel that his mind is on another planet entirely (i.e. he is not concerned in the slightest with us mere mortals), but today, I Love Professor T.

You see, in a bid to avoid a last minute panic, back in January I took a careful look at the module outline for his classes, to see when the essay was due and all that. The deadline given was (academic) Week 6, Week 6 being the week after next.

Ok, so that means I should get most of it done by the beginning of Week 5, that now being only 4 days away.

I had it all planned out. This afternoon, after classes had finished and my 95-hour weekend had begun (and being only too keenly aware that I was working to a tight deadline), I completed the preperation necessary for facing the mammouth task ahead of me:

– Managed to get hold of copies of all 17 texts on the reading list for my chosen topic.

– Stayed up until 2.30 this morning completing my weekly Japanese homework that will be due in next Monday (thus enabling me to devote myself to the essay)

– Switched my phone’s SIM card to the secret secret one to avoid being disturbed

– Arranged for my lady to not come round until the evenings at the weekend

– Cancelled ALL social arrangements (didn’t take too long as I didn’t have any)

– Did the laundry

– Washed the sink

– Cleaned the fridge inside and out

– Watched the second half of Star Wars Episode 4 (never seen it before)

– Had a shower to check if the drain had miraculously loosened its bowels (it hadn’t)

– Finally learn the secret behind Japan’s plastic food (link)

– Remembered that my clothes had to go in the Tumble drier…

Of course, it was vital that all of these tasks were carried out before I set about writing my essay.

Anyway, so I’m just about the put index-fingers to keyboard, when I think, hmm, maybe I’d better check to see if the deadline has changed since last year.

Imagine my delight when, on penetrating the depths of the departmental web site I find that it’s now not due until May!!! In my delight I inadvertantly locate my professor’s extension number and declare my love for him.

Well, no time to waste, I suppose I’d better watch Star Wars episodes five & six…