Outlook Knows Best

Whenever I post a blog, a copy is sent to my email inbox for my records (for the movie etc).

However, when the entry that I posted two days ago arrived, it seems that Outlook’s filter was able to detect the high volume of winey crap it contained, and automatically took appropriate action…

just a little bit longer

Really really struggling to keep up now. It’s kind of crunch time, what with it being 7 weeks into the semester (i.e. all those little things I’ve left till later are now meeting their laters), and I’ve got two presentations to give next week. Thankfully one of them is pretty much sorted, did it last week. Now it’s just a case of writing a script for the other one that’s to be given in Japanese next Thursday. I’m not particularly worried about it, it’s just all the hassle of having to ‘learn my lines’ etc. Have got the actual Powerpoint done, took a few hours this afternoon; I’m pleased with the result. Will hopefully take everyone’s minds off my appalling grammatical errors etc.

Nearing the last leg of my stint as Japan Soc secretary, thank god, as I spend endless hours sorting through emails and attempting to come up with some voting system for this years committee election. It’s been a right headache, I can tell you, and I am so glad that in a few weeks I can remove that imap email account from Outlook! (Or can I? Will I be able to let go? Will my replacement check the account once every 60 seconds all hours of the day as I have done since October 2004?) (sadly that is not an exaggeration!)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great, and I am so so glad I took the post about 18 months back. I’ve gained so much through Japan Soc – uni life without it would have been in a completely different league, in an incredibly dull sense. Being part of the organising committee has really helped me feel absolutely at home here, made me feel like a member of uni staff in a way, which is what I always wanted – I loathe staff/student type barriers, and one of my goals before I started at uni was to get on the other side of the fence as quickly as possible. This policy has been a remarkable success, benefitting a great deal too from the approachable nature of (nearly) all staff at SEAS. Being a ‘mature’ student helps too, ridiculous though it is to apply that term to someone with a libido like mine. I’m sooooooo glad I didn’t ‘do uni’ when I was young and insecure!

ooohh in one of those moods are we?

Yes, well, you’d be too if you’d just superglued your fingers to your favourite bowl , your favourite bowl that was given to you for your brithday by a precious friend two years ago. Dropped it in the bathroom, hairline fracture. Tried to eat porridge in it – it leaked. There was only one thing to be done – break it completely so it could be glued back together. No problems there, until I forgot that superglue has a habit of welding itself to almost any surface – thus the nice patch of skin now attached to the outer surface of afore-mentioned bowl.

*Cough* has been an angel, despite having had a very hard time herself lately.

I’ll be so glad when this semester is over. I’m still enjoying it, but it’s just starting to reach the stage when the workload is such that the enjoyment is being pushed to the back of the shelf. It’s true, we have a 3-week Easter ‘holiday’ as of 1st April – but in that time I have two essays for uni to write, a story for the Austalian mag I write for to pen, and all those bloomin kanji to learn for the test that follows right after that. Oh, and a deep bed to make (I’m looking forward to that bit!)

Ok, enough winging, best get on.



The 20-storey monstrosity that houses my departmen at uni, that being the infamous ‘Arts Tower’ (which sadly cannot be knocked down due to the fact that it is on the governments database of listed buildings), has turned into a daffodil.

Exactly what a bunch of daffodils were doing 20 years ago in Sheffield I don’t know, but anyway, it looks mighty pretty, even if it does turn all of our classrooms various shades of blue, green and yellow.


Where does it go?

I’ve spent two whole days just doing homework for the language part of my course (that’s 30% of the total) We’re talkin normal weekly homework here, no special coursework. It was my intention to start working on one of my two forthcoming presentions yesterday, and yet here we are, 2pm on Sunday, yet to even start the weekly reading for my two non-language modules, which I was to do before I started on the presentation preperation…

My application for Rikkyo University (provisional deadline Wednesday) has taken up quite a bit of time. I really appreciate the fact that the person running the international course over there is very well organised, and despuite it being Sunday, and despite them curently being in the US on business, they have already replied to my email that I sent just a few hours ago requesting further explanation of what I was supposed to write in answer to the question regarding the department to which I wish to be affiliated.

The deal is this: if my Japanese is good enough, I can take virtually any module at Rikkyo. Naturally, I veered towards the Social Relations faculty website (here in Sheffield, SEAS is regarded as being a Social Science dept, as opposed to language), and located a number of modules that I’m really interested in. We’re talking environmental movements and the such like. In addition to that, I’ll be taking about 5 hours of language classes a week, and a few modules that pretty much mirror the kind of culture/history/politics classes that I will have already done here. I note a few of the lecturers are American – if they start harping on about Reischauer there will be trouble.

I’ll be so glad when this semester is over. Mind you, if I really do intend to take these classes in Japanese I’m going to have a lot of work to do over the summer.

Hokey dokey, must go and have a listen to a lecture about the Japanese ‘Quality of Life’. I started listening to it last night in a bid to get to sleep. It worked.


Whipped Cream

Despite what the title of this entry may suggest, there is not a tongue in sight as I type, nor any naked flesh.

However, what there is is an empty jam jar with a splattering of whipped cream coating its glacial inner surface.

You see, I learnt something about cream-whipping today, and I was so stunned I just had to share it with you.

If you are in desperate need of a portion of stiff dairy produce, but are lacking in a whisk (as *cough* and I were about 30 minutes ago), do not despair! Locate an empty jam jar, and pour unwhipped whipping cream into it until it is about 1/3 full. Then, ensuring that the lid is firmly secured, proceed to shake the jam-jar as fast as you possibly can.

45 seconds later you will have the stiffest whipping cream you could ever wish to encounter. If you carry out the procedure using a jar that until recently contained hot-chocolate, you will find, when the time comes to partake in its consumption, that there is the added benefit of the cream tasting like chocolate (surprisingly).

It is then up to you to decide what to do with the slippery substance…