God is a DJ an iPod designer.

I don’t think I have ever owned such a sexy bit of kit. It really is just pure sex-in-a-sleek-white/metallic-case.

Who to sleep with tonight?



It’s a tricky one. 30GB of sheer lickable gorgeousness vs. gorgeous Japanese babe. Hmmm..

I particularly like the fact that I can store thousands of photos on it too – the screen resolution is just fantastic, so damn clear. I love photography; it’s such a pleasure to have a peek at the fruits of my toil now and then.

I can also store a ridiculous number of full-length films on it too should I ever want to – unfortunately it will not be used much for such purposes (although I have put quite a few home movies on it) (no, not THOSE ones…)

No, instead, it will be playing those files titled “Contemporary Japanese Culture, Week 6 Seminar” and “Kanji Compounds Week 7”.

I tell you, if you feel in need of a reward, go buy one of these. They are stunning, and a world away from any MP3 player type thing I’ve ever come across before.

Hmm, now, bedtime.

Which do I choose…?


Ahhh, it’s a tough one eh, this conflict between being ‘Gadget Boy’ whilst simultaneously believing in ethical consumerism. Fair Trade iPods are a long way off yet, (mine having been assembled in China, with the production line workers no doubt being paid an absolute pittance for their labour). I know I’ve been very hypocritical by making this purchase, but I hope I can make it up through my actions in other areas such as volunteering with WWOOF and the such like.

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  1. Welcome to the club, matey. You’ve got the same as mine and yes, damn sexy beast it is too!
    Tokyo Tom