You know that Digital SLR I mentioned yesterday, you know, the one I’ve always wanted ever since they were first invented – well, I dreamt about it last night.

The power of the zoom lens was quite extraordinary. Looking across the English Channel from southern England I could actually see Paris, quite clearly in fact.

But it doesn’t stop there. This zoom lens not only made France SEEM closer, but when we got on a bus, we found that now, having looked through the viewfinder of my beautiful camera, it only took 15 mins to reach mainland Europe, and that was entirely over land! The lens had actually pulled mainland Europe closer, it was that powerful.

I shall have to be careful not to look at France when I finally DO get my digital SLR. The prospect of there not being 26 miles of water seperating them from us is, I’m sure you’ll agree, rather worrying.


as an aside – what is the difference between ‘dreamed’ and ‘dreamt’?
answers on a postcard to the usual address please