What a day. It’s been great. Another day to feel so happy to be alive and well.

Boy though am I bushwacked. I guess it all began at about 8am when my alarm clock (the theme tune to that classic 1980s Thames TV program Rainbow) woke me up in order that I could phone the Japanese Embassy in Korea – Yes, I can exchange my tourist visa for a student visa there in September, provided I first get a re-entry permit from immigration in Tokyo first. I wait with baited breath to hear whether or not I can go to Japan in July. If not, no probs, gives me more time to read and study in preparation for my long-awaited return to Japan as more than just a tourist.

Got the results of my Kanji test (73% or 76% I forget which, and I’ve misplaced the sheet on which I wrote the result!). Jolly good jolly good. A bit of socialising, mock exam, and then suddenly the week was over. Crikey, only 15 days of classes left.

The thinking continues. We have so many ideas for ventures in Japan… tonight when doing background research for a business that we’d really like to start, we struck gold, totally by accident. I don’t want to say any more, but I do want it to be recorded here, as Friday 28th April being the day that we discovered this vast untapped market. OK, OK, so there are some Japan-based companies in this field, but they really are lame. We think we can do much better! I MUST fulfil my promise to my family to be the one that becomes rich (without sacrificing happiness and principles).

Oooooh I can hardly wait to graduate! It makes it all worthwhile. *Cough* is so enthusiastic too… it feels like life is just beginning, I’m so happy. Oh, and I love my department at uni.

And it’s a bank holiday weekend!