Good heavens! What a sensitive bunch you are! I shall have to remove this post before the Bishop comes knocking at my door!

3 Responses

  1. Why remove it… we are the idiots

    and it’s a good joke

    do they have no humour? Just put it on!!!!

    It should be part of the tame rules, once posted should not be removed. DOn’t give in to censorship!

  2. Dear Mumble Grumblers,

    Firstly, I agree completely with the above.
    I admit Mr. Wild had me (not in the sexual sense), you and your skilful way with words!!!

    It was a good joke, you shouldn’t regret posting it one bit.

    Bring it back with the title, the following may or may not be true, for those who need shielding from the potentially humorous.

    Isn’t the whole purpose of April fool to fool?

    It did cross my mind it would be funny if you had posted one of you condom squares void of any protective sheathing. followed by the Oh God posting.