..again. Must be the third time this year I’ve had to wash my socks. It’s costing me a fortune.

Yesterday morning I went to the reception of this student block to pick up a parcel that had arrived the previous day. On seeing me, the staff began to whisper amongest themselves… “that’s him isn’t it?”

What had I done? Had they discovered my deep dark secret connected with the purple stains on the hallway carpet? Or had I been spotted on CCTV letting my herd of pet giraffes into this secure unit late at night?

Thankfully, no. I had won a DVD player, as a reward for reporting more faults than anyone else on site!

Broken cooker, broken Kettle, numerous breakdowns of the boiler, light bulbs that needed replacing, a flooded kitchen caused by a knackered washer, broken extractor fan in my bathroom, broken extractor fan in the kitchen… I’m just waiting for my bookshelf to fall off the wall and the floor to dissapear beneath me – based on experience I’d say that neither are that unlikely, despite the fact that I live on the ground floor and there’s no basement.

So that was a nice surprise. Of course, once I am presented with my prize (which I’ll pass on to mum and dad as I have no use for a DVD player), it will probably work fine for a few days, then the lazer will accidentally go into overdrive and cut the unit in half…

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