Recently I mentioned the fact that on my way home from Uni I am tracked by almost 3 billion CCTV cameras positioned at strategic locations along my route.

Well, yesterday I just flipped. I could no longer take the intrusion into my privacy. It’s bad enough having fingers that insist on telling the world everything via the www, let alone constantly being watched from on high.

Thus, I removed my faithful Tilley Hat (that is yet to be eaten by an elephant 3 times) from my head, and cast it, with deftest precision, into the vast blue sky, where it hurtled in the direction of the latest predeter-camera…

…and missed, flying straight over the top of the camera, landing on the roof of the University of Sheffield’s Octagon Centre that lay right behind it. Curses!

Oh well, I guess wearing it wouldn’t have made today’s trip to the dentist any more pleasant.