We had a mini-kanji test on Tuesday, as we do every week. I accidentally learnt the wrong week’s kanji this week and so didn’t do particularly well, 2.5 out of 10 in fact. Hurray for me!

Nevermind though, those weekly tests don’t count towards our final grade.

Anyway, these tests basically take the form of a few sentences written in the phonetic script; we then have to re-write parts of these sentences using relevant kanji.

One of the sentences this week was:

“musume san to no gokekkon wo yurushite moraemasu deshouka”

which translates as

“May I have permission to marry your daughter?”

Despite the fact that it appeared that my tutor, Tanaka Sensei, had been in quite a rush to mark the test, he’d taken the time to comment next to that sentence,

This is a particularly useful phrase to use with your girlfriend’s parents when you want to marry her

Thanks. I’ll bear that in mind!

I was also told today that it would not be advisable to spend all next year hanging around with *cough*, for obvious reasons. I’ll come back even more girly than I left if I do.

(A man that has a kanji test in, er, oh sh*t, 7 hours 45 mins…)

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