I spoke to dad this morning. A few weeks ago he had severe chest pains and was taken to hospital by ambulance – with his history of heart trouble (quadruple heart bypass etc) he has to pay attention to the slightest sign of trouble. Anyway, this led to him being subjectd to a test a few days ago which involved injecting him with radioactive dye and sticking him in a big twirly wirly scanner, sounds great fun. “Gosh, Mr Tame, you really are glowing today!” Unfortunately this test revealed a problem one of his arteries, which will probably require surgery of some kind. His family is no stranger to hospitals – all three of his brothers have undergone bypass ops or had stents (things to widen the arteries) put in.

He was very cheerful about it all this morning, telling me about how clueless all the doctors are. When he was in a couple of weeks ago they accidentally gave the man in the bed opposite him, Mr. Smith, two X-rays and didn’t do dad at all – Mr. Smith told the nurses that he’d already been X-rayed but they replied that he must be feeling confused. Likewise, the doctor suggested to dad that he had actually had the X-ray but that he couldn’t remember!

Anyway, dad will have another radioactive test in a week or so, before the docs decide what to do. Of course, what this could (and may well) mean is that dad will be undergoing heart surgery in the next few weeks, which may then mean that he can’t come to Sheffield to pick my stuff up! One of the disadvantages of having had an epiletic seizure last year is that it meant that I had to surrender my driver’s licence, thus no driving for me.. So I was wondering if there was anyone in the Hereford area who would like to drive my parent’s car up to Sheffield and back on the weekend of the 17th June (ish). In fact, I have someone in mind, someone who has taken the advanced driving test and whose initials are JK. If you happen to be reading, drop us a line, although chances are that I’ll mail you first, once my internet is back up and running again.