This one is for any of you out there who
a) went to school with me
b) know anything about Steiner Schools.

One of my 7 classmates at the Hereford Waldorf School was Billy Salisbury, a.k.a. The Undercover Hippy, multi-talented artist and musician.

Now a couple of years back, the Hereford Waldorf School celebrated its 21st Anniversary with a great big reunion and cabaret, performed by a big bunch of students. At this amazing event, Billy performed one of his creations, The Crayon Song. It tells the story of Billy arriving at the Steiner School having come from the state system, and meeting all these ‘weird hippy kids’, and the teacher, Mr. Tame (“call me Peter”), who incidenatlly is my dad, as he taught our class for a number of years.

The Crayon song sums it all up, and is available for download here.

But there’s more. As explaned on Billy’s website, there was someone present who happened to be armed with an MD recorder, and recorded the whole event. This recording has now been magically transformed into MP3 and WMA format, and is available for download here.

I must say, I’d forgotten how funny the cabaret was (although I don’t think you’ll really appreciate it unless you went to the HWS or another Steiner School). I especially reccomend the Quiz, which runs from 4:30 through to about 16:30… I’m yet to listen to the rest…

Ok, I must dash. Go have a look at, and buy one of Billy’s CDs whilst you’re at it.

Cor blimey Gov, I’m so grateful for my Steiner education.


I’ve now had time to listen to the whole track, and I tell you, it’s fantastic. Not just the quiz, but also the introduction of corporate sponsors, the poem, the songs… fantastic stuff. Makes me proud to have been a part of it all!