Continuing in the arts tower theme, which seems to have turned into a form of pre-exam therapy, to keep me from pressing this button

In case you have have had your head in a very big block of concrete for the past 40-odd years and don’t know what the Arts Tower is, it’s the University of Sheffield’s Pride and Joy, a 1960’s skyscraper that is now listed, thus meaning it can’t be knocked down, which is what a lot of people would like to happen.

It also happens to house my department, of which I am very fond, which might go someway towards explaining why I chose to to embark upon creating this series of photographs (the full series of which, including ‘Melts’ and ‘Disintegration’ can be enjoyed here), which I hope will help the non-believers to come to realise that there is hidden joy in this asbestos-filled beauty.

‘Arts Tower Glow’

Is this photo rectangular?

“After years of calls for more classrooms, the University of Sheffield finally agrees to expand the School of East Asian Studies by extending the Arts Tower.”

Anyway, must get on with pooing my pants at the thought of what awaits me in under 43 hours.