I recently finished my tube of organic toothpaste. Having ‘no time’ to make it to my local health food store, I bought a small ’emergency’ tube of Colgate, just to keep me going for a few days.

That was two week ago.

Today, I remembered that I really must get some non-lethal toothpaste, but knew that unless I read this I probably wouldn’t – if you use Colgate or any other mainstream brand of toothpaste you should read it too, and then get yourself some of this.

This morning I discovered Lemon Jelly, a UK ‘band’ who of course I have heard of, but whose music, until today, I had never heard.

What a lovely album Lost Horizons is. Who could possibly resist an album which includes a track called ‘Nice weather for ducks’, and which actually includes a couple of quacks.

Thoroughly recommended for mellow chilling out / learning Japanese to.

Speaking of ducks, I hope to work on a aigamo (duck) rice farm this year if it turns out that I can go to Japan in July (I’ll get a decision on that in about 10 days time).

Speaking of Japan(ese), I know I’ve mentioned this before, butanyway, this semester our class are flexing our linguistic muscles by creating little Japanese blogs. I sound like a real ojiisan (grandad) in mine, complaining about this that and the other. Jason, my class mate, has his over here. More links to follow in due course.

Aren’t 2nd year Sheffield University Japanese Studies students clever?!