my friend is not well, and I feel very sad. technorati tags: sunset | Daily Mumble

musical peace

wind chimes in the woods technorati tags: wind chimes | peace | Daily Mumble

I am so happy

It’s such an exciting time of life. I feel so gripped by enthusiasm for the endless possibilities that life offers – it’s difficult to know where to direct my energies. If only the days were longer!! As you know, this summer, I have chosen to devote pretty much all of my spare time to getting […]

What do flies do when it rains?

It’s been raining today. Non-stop. I rather cleverly left my Tilley Hat on the branch of an oak tree this morning. Soaked to the core, just as I was after an hour or so spent extracting a tree stump from the meadow with my bare teeth. All this rain though led me to think, “What […]


Indeed. Well, it’s all very exciting here! I’m having rather a jolly good time actually, studying KANJI! I’m up to 299 now. Split some logs too, with a great big axe, and shouted RAAAAA whilst beating my big hairy chest, then swung from a few vines and picked some elderflowers. Had an afternoon nap (insert […]

Remembering the Kanji

Big decision made as to what I am going to achieve this summer: I am going to learn the MEANING and WRITING of 2,042 kanji. My intention is to learn 250 per week. That’s about 36 per day (but will aim for 50 to make up for days off when I’m naughty). How? I’m gonna […]

Fruits of our labour

It’s about three years now since I first arrived at the Welsh Garden Project. It was a complete jungle then, having been left untouched for many years. My task has been to beat back the brambles, and help restore its former glory. Thus, today it was immensly satisfying when one of the Ladies of the […]

Look what the cat’s dragged in

There I was, merrily skipping through the house and into the conservatory where the chainsaw spanner is kept, thinking what a lovely day it was and how shiney the sun looked, when I nearly trod on this… technorati tags: dead rabbit | Daily Mumble

Organ Reconstruction

It’s not all pulling out brambles, oh no. As you can see in this video, I’ve also had time to reconstruct an electric organ with a sledgehammer. That was fun! Whilst in the garden today, I learnt about the tragedy that is Sierra Leone, a place about which until now I knew nothing except that […]


I’ve just received the following email: “Dear exchange student who is nominated as JASSO scholar, This is to let you know that you are officially granted the JASSO Short-term Student Exchange Promotion Program Scholarship.” Wooppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! technorati tags: Japanese | University of Sheffield | JASSO | Daily Mumble

Stinging Nettles and Binge Drinking

It’s wonderful to do some hard physical work again. I like that feeling, at the end of a long hot day on the Welsh Garden Project site, of being completely physically knackered. Covered in dirt, feeling the after-effects of close encounters with stinging nettles [click here for video of stinging nettle eating competition] and climbing […]

September 11th – This Was No Terrorist Attack

It was early afternoon on September the 11th 2001. I was in my room on the fourth floor of the Swiss hotel where I worked, watching the news on Japanese Satellite TV. What I saw, I didn’t quite understand. It appeared to be a plane flying into the World Trade Centre – had the news […]


Ever been to Birmingham? I have an idea it’s the UK’s second largest city, and until last week it was my second choice for the location of a nuclear waste reprocessing plant made out of lego (first choice being Borth, the grimmest town on Earth, located on the west coast of Wales. It looks like […]

Microsoft Office 2007 Beta

I downloaded Microsoft Office 2007 (Beta) a couple of days back, and so far, I like what I see. It has some pretty sexy interface features, quite a departure from the usual ‘File/Edit/…’ menu system of pre-2007 editions. Only one snag though, the documents created with it are in advanced formats that “reduce file sizes, […]

Looking back on my 2nd year of university

So, yes, It’s been a busy week. My final exam, Contemporary Japanese Society went well. I broke my previous record (set only one week prieviously) for the most A4 pages filled with drivvle in a 3-hour exam: 20. My three chosen topics were the unecessary and unjustifiable bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (first strike of […]

Do camels have willies?

Recently, a friend of mine went on a trip to Jordan. Upon her return, she presented me with a gift, in the form of two .jpeg images. Being a regular Mumbler, she knows how much I rely on people searching for “Horse cock” on Google – they account for just under 10% of all traffic […]

That’s the way to do it!

Before we go any further, I just want to clarify something. TGW is a FOOTBALL FREE ZONE! They’ll be not a word of all that commercial rubbish going on across the water. It’s bad enough not being able to see where you’re going when driving around the UK, your view being obscured by 56 million […]

daily mumble on hold

apologies for the lack of mumbles. The hard drive in my pc has died, thus, I have no internet access (apart from here at the Apple shop in Birmingham!) Things should get back to normal at the end of the week once I’m back at the Welsh Garden Project site! joseph

One more day of school

So, this is it, the final day of my 2nd year at the University of Sheffield. Today, at 1.30pm I shall take my last exam – Contemporary Japanese Society – held in the very same exam hall that my War and Peace exam was held in, in January. Back then, I wrote the exam was […]

God is a Sony Employee

There’s no doubt about it, God is a Sony employee. How else could this miracle have happened? The miracle that is the release of Sony’s Alpha100 Digital SLR camera. I just received an email from Sony, announcing next month’s release of this beautiful bit of kit. And beautiful it is. Check out these specs. (You’ll […]

Monthly Fish Meeting

Fishfinger News Service (London) The monthly FWI (Fish Women’s Institute) meeting was held yesterday behind the big rock just downstream from the fallen tree in the River Monnow. The 4 attendees were treated to a talk by Big-Charlie, well known for his recent partication in the TV series “I’m a Fish Get Me Out Of […]

Exams and blue chimneys

Why hello there. Tis a pleasure to be back. I’ve had a few days off feeling rather lost. Still, now those 27.5 years are over, I’m ready to carry on writing. What’s been going on then? Let me see… erm, oh, yes, I had a couple of exams. The first, Postwar Japanese Politics, went well […]