Well, it’s all very exciting here! I’m having rather a jolly good time actually, studying KANJI! I’m up to 299 now.

Split some logs too, with a great big axe, and shouted RAAAAA whilst beating my big hairy chest, then swung from a few vines and picked some elderflowers. Had an afternoon nap (insert silent “k” if necessary), had a bath (first since Easter), more kanji then a deliiiicious chocolate pudding.


Most victims of murder meed their fate very soon after meeting their executioner-to-be. Whether it be a store clerk killed in a bungled robbery, or a racist knife attack on the streets of Bradford. A terrible thing to occur, but imagine:

A murderer who does not kill their victims swiftly. A murderer who, once they have their victim, holds them for years on end, constantly telling them that they’re going to be murdered, on such-and-such a day. When that day finally comes, they kill their victim, often using a lethal injection consisting of a cocktail of three drugs, one of which (designed to paralyse) causes so much pain that even vetinary associations have outlawed its use in the putting down of animals.

Unfortunately, such murderers are not uncommon. They come in the form of:
The US, Singapore, Japan, North and South Korea …and 67 other nation states worldwide. Whilst China tops the international league table for murder by the administration, the US, comes in at No.1 in the list of countries that carry out child executions. Why am I not surprised?

Murder is wrong under any circumstances. There is no justice in taking a life in payment for another.

“Since 1973, 123 prisoners have been released in the USA after evidence emerged of their innocence of the crimes for which they were sentenced to death.” [link]

Makes one wonder how many innocent victims have been murdered by the state.

On that happy note, I bid you good night.

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