Strange Dreams

Very strange dreams of late. Last night, for exmaple, I found myself at the theatre in Sheffield, or maybe it was a lecture hall. One of the staff from my department, Takeda Sensei, was there, speaking fluently in Greek. Her friend had just opened a Greek restaurant, and asked her to announce to us, in […]

in the middle of the night

What clever things our bodies are! I was awoken, at 4.40am, by what at first I thought to be nothing. I carried out an IBS (Initial Body Scan, a program run every time I wake), and noted that it was not time to wake up properly yet, as sleep timer was yet to reach 8 […]

my mac, and pre-departure images of japan

phew. the migration is complete. I’m told that the average length of time spent setting up a new computer is 5 days. based on past experience, I’d say that’s about right. Thus, I’m mightily happy to say that this switch, from my old Toshiba to this shiney new MacBook, is done, only 60 hours after […]


You find me stranded in the Herefordian outback, a long, long way from civilisation, broadband and mobile phone signals. The only way out of here is by donkey and trap (due to the passing of a law last month aimed at helping alleviate the pressure on the local donkey sanctury …which is now empty, resulting […]

2 weeks 5 days

argle argle argle. The excitement of everything is almost too much to bear! tags: japan | Daily Mumble

You lookin’ at me?

Yes, mr. caterpillar. I am. He was bloomin’ impressive I must say. Pretty fierce looking, but didn’t bite. Anyway anyway what have I been up to? Well, been very busy as ususal. Kanji (up to 1,550 now, 492 to go), preparing data and downloading programs in anticipation of migration to the Mac (ordered this morning, […]

Goodbye Bill, Hello Steve

(Gadget boy speech ahead) Ahh, I have finally succumbed. After years of mocking those ‘pretend’ computers known as Macs, whilst secretly always wanting one, I have decided it’s time to make the switch. Thing is, my current laptop, now in it’s third year of daily use, really is on it’s way out. Broken hinges, missing […]

TGW outage

I know TGW went down for much of yesterday, and I’m pretty sure it’ll disappear again at some point in the next few days, for anything up to 3 days. Once it’s back up it should be fair sailing for as far as the eye can see, and a bit further than that too, even […]

The podcast is coming

Well well well what a busy boy I have been. I’ve spent the past couple of days – in-between digging clay out from beneath a polytunnel that is undergoing a resurection – creating all the gubbins behind the podcast I plan to launch next month. There was me thinking it would take five minutes. But […]

Weather Permitting, I’ll have somewhere to live

Hello. Today, The Daily Mumble finds me riding a Virgin. The view is spectacular. I’m on the line between Newton Abbot and Exeter, a journey which provides stunning scenery if one looks out to one’s right, out onto the Atlantic ocean. At least I think it’s the Atlantic – the one that blobs up and […]


GAHHH! I’m too excited!! Kanji, and letters from my LEA have that effect upon me. PLUS the fact that I have yet another WHOLE DAY AHEAD OF ME! tags: excitement | Daily Mumble

a very satisfying day

Another amazingly productive day. Woke up at 6.15am ready to go gardening. fell asleep again five minutes later and woke up two hours later, alarm clock down the side of the bed. I went for my morning jog. I did my stretchy-exercises: I want to be able to get my leg behind my neck, so […]