This week I am going to attempt to live on 4000 yen (£20). This isn’t through choice however – the £1000 I wired to my Japanese bank has yet to materialise, and £20 is all I have left of what I brought with me. My scholarship doesn’t come through for another 4 weeks. I have the equivilent of about £4 in my Japanese accounts.

I just called my UK bank – yesterday marked the maximum time that the transaction should have taken – the girl tells me that a note has been put on my account asking me to contact them urgently. I have to call them back in about 9 hours when the International Department opens.

I think the word BOLLOX is called for in this situation. Perhaps TIT as well.

Oh well. At least *Twinkle* is better. She was extremely ill yesterday, in a lot of pain. I took her to the private hospital I’d joined a few years back, but they said that there were no doctor’s available for her to see. Luckily there was another private hospital just around the corner. The waiting time, even for those who’d booked appointments, was between 2 and 3 hours – rather than sit in the waiting room many patients left their phone numbers and asked to be called at home 10 minutes before they were due to be seen by the doctor. *Twinkle’s* symptoms were so severe that she was seen a lot sooner, and plugged into a drip for half an hour.

What wonders medical science is capable of. Although she’s not 100%, she’s soooooooo much better today (i.e. she can actually walk!).

Now there’s something to be grateful for. Without health there’s no meaning to eating anyway, if one looks at it in a kind of extreme manner.

Ho Hum.