Just when you thought you’d got over the jetlag, you find yourself waking up at 4.30am, and realising that the reason you slept so late the previous day was not because you’d finally adjusted, but rather because you were so drunk that had you woken up early you would have been at risk of running down the main road with no clothes on, asking people “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?”

It has been known to happen.

There seem to be a rather large number of frogs in the area. Somewhat odd, considering the fact that the only green around here comes in the form of the sign for the local Barber, ‘Cut Me’.

The heat is shocking; a high of 30 degrees today, rising to 35 degrees tomorrow. As we all know, gaijin skin is just not built for this kind of environment. Roll on autumn say I!

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