The holiday, which commences in 55 minutes in the form of a night bus to Kansai, has come at just the right time. Really reached crisis point today, what with receiving results of my kanji test (failed, as expected), and once again feeling like a complete idiot in class. Must start reading at home. And […]

Rub it in

When discussing with the hairdresser how I wanted my hair cut, she said “We’d best not cut the top, especially near the back.” Well, don’t beat about the bush now will you?! I’m already perfectly aware that I’m going bald. At least she didn’t use the specific Japanese word for “balding”. Oh, and incidentally, they […]


I have some photos, taken last night, that I would like to share with you. You may accuse me of being obsessed with *Twinkle*. You would not be wrong by doing so. Many more available here Tom meditates Thanks to our hosts Tom and Miyu for a fun evening, and safe journey home to Toshi […]

I have the power

I felt like such an idiot in class today. Combination of too much annoying the neighbours last night, and a very early moring in order to make it to the Immigration Bureau before the queue stretched all the way back to Korea, resulted in one very tired Joseph, and very tired Joseph’s can’t read Japanese. […]

Firefox 2.0 released today

In case you weren’t aware, Firefox 2.0 was released today, and you should ALL be using it to read The Daily Mumble. It’s faster, and more secure. MS Internet Explorer users will be shot on sight. tags: Firefox 2.0 | Daily Mumble

You want newspaper? I give! I give!

Getting there, getting there. This time tomorrow my first kanji exam will be over. When I pass, I will receive my first ever kanji certficate, hurrah! The harder the tests get, the bigger the certificates become! Fingers crossed. Today was a looong day. I was woken at 7.45am by *Twinkle*’s head appearing at the top […]

One step closer to nuclear?

Foreign Minister Taro Aso said Tuesday that Japan should openly debate whether to develop its own nuclear deterrent following North Korea’s atomic test, while stressing that the government doesn’t support such a move. …But he said the regional security environment has changed since the policy was introduced in the 1960s. “It’s only natural to discuss […]

I fought the law, and I won

You may recall that last month I inadvertantly signed up for two modules at uni that I was not elligible to sign up for. The modules I’d chosen were not to be made available to students in the Social Sciencs department unless they had taken certain qualifying modules the previous spring. I was told that […]

production line

I’ve just munched my way through 180 grams of chocolate coated peanuts. Yes, THAT’S how rebellious I’m feeling. Phrase of the week has been “Shakaiteki na ru-ru”, which translates roughly as “the rules of society”. They’ve been popping up everywhere; in conversation with friends, in conversation with teachers, in dictating how those around me behave, […]

A Year in Japan – Episode 02 out now

Yes, I finally managed to scrape together Episode two, using fragments of spare time I found in the gutter outside the house. Now, on with the kanji… tags: ayearinjapan | podcast | Daily Mumble


Another 12 hours per day to – Update The Daily Mumble with exciting tales of festivals, food, step ladders and DIY – Upload multiple photos taken in recent days – Learn the kanji for the upcoming exam – Deal with email inbox, untouched for a week – Finish recovery procedure following massive data loss which […]

is the world going backwards?

Am I missing something? This morning, whene I went for a jog in my local park, everyone was jogging backwards around the track. Is this some new fashion, or has it just been shown that jogging in reverse makes you younger? tags: jogging | Daily Mumble

A home fit for a King (..fisher, or similarly sized animal)

It was a desperate sitution. I’d been trying for 5 hours to study, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Realising that things were getting out of hand, I made a decision: Get out of the house, go to that cheap ‘Italian’ restaurant that’s open till 2am, the one with the free drink’s bar, […]

Why hello. Fancy meeting you around here. Another thoroughly satisfying day, really enjoyed it. This uni malarky, you should give it a try. In this morning’s grammar class we debated the use of polite / ultra-polite Japanese. I have a major issue with Keigo. The thing is, I feel that it is the very personification […]


oh no. You know those 4 parcels I sent last night, the ones that will be delivered to our new place tomorrow afternoon? I accidentally used all my boxer shorts as padding around the kitchenware. Let’s hope my belt doesn’t fail today. tags: Daily Mumble

Gaining weight

I seem to have gained quite a bit of weight since I arrived in Japan, 4 weeks ago. I arrived with just under 40kg. Tonight, I took those same 40kg to the local Konbini (convenience store) where they will be picked up tomorrow for delivery to the new mansion on Wedesday afternoon. Funny thing is, […]

An OHP worth getting VERY excited about

It’s been a jolly good day today. It started off well, as last night I managed to learn a whole pile of kanji (we’re talking readings here, which I didn’t learn in the summer. The Heisig method is paying off big stylee now as I don’t have to worry about recognising them), AND install Windows […]