Roast Horse for Breakfast

As we all know, the Japanese eat sushi morning, noon and night, every day, 365 days a year, except lunchtime on the 25th of December when they go to KFC for a traditional festive feast of Chicken Nuggets. So what does one do as a foreigner faced with having to eat sushi (literally ‘vinegared rice’) […]

Bananas’ silence says it all

Thursday 30th November, 8.30am, Between Ikebukuro and Oyama on the Tobu Tojo Line. I asked them where they were going. They didn’t answer. This leads me to believe that bananas can’t talk. technorati tags: bananas can’t talk | Tokyo | commute | Daily Mumble


It’s only tonight, watching a video tour of the Oval Office guided by the President that I truly appreciate what an idiot the man is. I mean, I know he’s an atrocious leader who loves nothing better than to inflict suffering on anyone who his military mates tell him they have a disliking of, but […]

I’m just taking the pylon for a walk dear

Yesterday, I took John John’s bicycle for it’s first proper outing in many months. Ever since we moved in here I’ve been thinking of going to see the big snake of wetness that marks the border between northern Tokyo and Saitama prefecture, the River Awa. According to my map, it’s not that far away. Too […]

How to park a bus in Japan

It’s a well-known fact that space in Tokyo is not something that is taken for granted. Houses the size of shoeboxes, ceilings only 4 foot off the ground – you name it, all manner of methods are used to make the most of every last square metre. And it’s no different at the headquarters of […]

Doctor! Doctor!

Yes, I’m afraid you have a nasty case of Testicular Gas my friend… technorati tags: Tokyo | Japan | Daily Mumble

I just called, to say, I think you’re due on today

Astonishing what new technology is capable of. NTT DoCoMo’s latest mobile phone, the snazzily named Foma D702iF has been carefully crafted with women in mind. What you do is tell it when your next period is due, and it then predicts your cycle for the next year. Best of all, it emails you 3 days […]

JJ’s Bike Rides Again!

It’s no good. I NEED chocolate. It’s a physical thing, my body just won’t function without it. I’m going to have to go to the supermarket. Like last night, at 10pm, when we went out just to get a carton of milk. And came back with with 8 chocolate eclairs, 7 of which I ate […]

Buy a donkey this Christmas and save someone’s life

Oxfam UnwrappedOxfam America Unwrapped Every year, millions of people in the developed world spend vast sums of money on Christmas presents. New computers, new MP3 players, new books, new socks; shops are packed with folks trying to choose something for Aunty Ann, whilst struggling to support the weight of the many carrier bags they’ve picked […]

The Matrix of Control

I desire something sweet. Chocolate ideally. Nice bar of Crunky. I look around the house. The three bars of chocolate that I had to hide from myself in the cupboard are gone – they were bought yesterday for a cake that was made today, a cake that was then taken away to a house elsewhere […]

Me and You and Everyone We Know

))(( Released over a year ago, I’d not heard of this film until today, when I spotted it in the video store (having finally dared to go back in there following Saturday’s incident). I picked it because of the title, and the fact that it said Film Four on the cover. I like it a […]

Moving from Windows to Mac: 3 month review

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++non-techno people look away+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I’ve had a request from one loyal Mumbler for a bit of feedback on how I’ve found the move from Windows to Mac, something which a year ago I never thought I’d do. Well, here’s the verdict. We’ll start with the good points. – Right from the word go it’s a […]

The Making Of

Recently I’ve started to watch Japanese films. DVDs are dirt cheap to rent over here, we’re talking £1.50 for three days for the latest releases – I’m slowly making my way through the top ten. Today’s choice was “Haru no Yuki” (Spring Snow). I saw a trailer for it when watching yesterday’s selection, ‘Always’, a […]

The attraction of Japan

A couple of days back I took part in a fascinating seminar on Japanese society, as a part of a module I’m taking at Rikkyo University. We’d been looking at Freud’s ideas on civilised society, which demands the suppression of our innate desire for immediate gratification; we must learn to live with delayed gratification if […]

Holiday Days 4 & 5: Kyoto

In an attempt to bring a bit of variety to the Daily Mumble, today’s story comes to you not from a train in the Japanese outback, but rather from the front seat of the upper deck of a rather sexy JR bus that has just left Kyoto on an 8-hour trek across Japan, destination: Tokyo. […]

The Power of Positive Thinking & Beer

I’m finding life incredibly interesting at the moment. It’s been pretty fun anyhow, of it’s own accord (see the helicopter story below), but what’s even more exciting is all this potential I’m feeling. It’s so exciting, thinking about all these things I CAN do. Like read books. Learn stuff. Feel good. Make edible meals… It’s […]

Holiday Day 3: Helicopter!

Once again the mumble comes to you live from a red-cushioned seat that is bolted to the floor of a train that happens to be making its way through the Japanese outback. Day three of the holiday was as memorable, if not more so, than day two. I woke at 7am from a very good […]

Holiday Day 2: Up into the mountains

What a fantastic day it’s been. Joseph is a very happy boy. It all started at 8am, when I was woken by Twinkle treading on my foot. Her mum’s apartment is Japanese you see, i.e., small, thus the three of us were squeezed into the single bedroom, with my feet by the cupboard with all […]

A Year in Japan – Episode 03 out now!

So boys and girls Episode 3 of the podcast is out now at It’s a Holiday Special – a report on all the fun that we’ve had this past week. The advanced version contains over 30 photos too, so make sure you go for that version! At 61 minutes it’s pretty long, good getting-to-sleep […]

Holiday Day 1: In memory of a termite

Hey ho tiddly pom! This Mumble comes to you live from a train that is slowly descending from the heights of Koyasan, an amazing World Heritage site that lies deep in the heart of the Japanese outback, about two hours south of Osaka. Wow, what a beautiful place, and almost free of tourists too, it […]