It’s no good. I NEED chocolate. It’s a physical thing, my body just won’t function without it. I’m going to have to go to the supermarket. Like last night, at 10pm, when we went out just to get a carton of milk. And came back with with 8 chocolate eclairs, 7 of which I ate in 10 minutes.

I’ve had a wonderful Thursday today. It’s a national holiday in Japan, “Worker’s day” I believe. Perhaps that explains why all the shops are open as usual.

John John’s Bike Rides again! Yes, his famous yellow bicycle (as pictured here, ridden by John John) which has been standing rather forlornly in the garage since his death is back on the road! My thanks to Steve for getting it fixed up, and riding it halfway to where I live. I’ve discovered that it will actually probably be quicker for me to cycle to uni than take the train, due to the walk at both ends. I reckon it would take about 25 minutes if I took the direct route down the big main road. Of course I’ll need to build up my energy and strength in order to ride it fast – thus there’s clearly a need for chocolate.

I other news: I’m happy. Just starting to plan Christmas – Exciting!!


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