As we all know, the Japanese eat sushi morning, noon and night, every day, 365 days a year, except lunchtime on the 25th of December when they go to KFC for a traditional festive feast of Chicken Nuggets.

So what does one do as a foreigner faced with having to eat sushi (literally ‘vinegared rice’) for the duration of one’s stay in Japan, when one can’t stomach the idea of eating raw fish?

Well, fear not, for there are non-sea food varieties available too. Such as this delicacy, which I came across this morning whilst browsing the breakfast menu.

If Roast(s) Horse is not up your street, why not cast aside your fear of raw fish, and go for the Bastard Halibut?

What I’m wondering though, is how on Earth they manage to establish whether or not a fish’s parents were married when they spent that romantic night shagging away under the corals?

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