Prettification of TDM for 2007

I recently got my hands on 100 business cards, each sporting a different photo from my collection. Some of them really work, whilst others just look silly. Anything to stand out from the crowd. Anyway, this got me thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of visual variety on The Daily Mumble? I […]

Taking Control

I’ve put another A4 poster on the wall today. It reads, “Don’t let anyone else Define you or Confine you” I heard this quote this afternoon whilst making 2 litres of curry to keep me going for two days. I had my iPod on, and had been listening to a 1950’s recording of the late […]

That cake’s a fake!

I’m currently carrying out some research into Western-style weddings in Japan and have learnt a shocking fact: the beautiful tiered wedding cake, which plays an integral part in over 90% of ceremonies in Japan, IS NOT REAL! “Real cakes are too expensive, and thus re-usable plastic models account for the vast majority of those seen […]

Christmas 2006

Well what a lovely Christmas. Just purrfect. I shall refrain from providing a detailed account, as alas, essays are a’bangin on the door, demanding attention. Essentially though, it went like this: Christmas Eve 09:32 – Twinkle & Co. touch down at Narita Airport, make their way to family home just north of Tokyo. Simultaneously. I […]

Happy Christmas

Well golly gosh what a long day. It’s 3.15am, I really must go to bed. Have been busy baking (very exciting, mega-successful culinary delights, at least they look mega-successful, will find out tomorrow and Monday). Listened to a couple of hours of an incredibly empowering audio-book. Life is just oozing opportunities. My cutey managed to […]

The Power of a Dream

“Every amazing achievement that we see in this world is a dream come true.” What does that tell me about the importance of dreams, goals? Could it really be the case that What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Ahhh! Where’s the sandpit?! technorati tags: anything is possible | Daily Mumble

Disaster averted

Ahh, the wonders of the internet. What DID we do without it? It was thanks to the internet that I discovered that all domestic BA flights had been cancelled up until midday tomorrow – including the one that *Twinkle* and her family were due to take from Manchester to London Heathrow, where they would board […]

Reindeer Fest

Turned out to be a most rewarding party. About 30 people there, almost all of whom were Japanese. Ate, drank, played games (which would have been difficult even if I hadn’t been drunk and having to use japanese…), met some REALLY interesting people; not only the chap who’d just got back from Egypt, but also […]

I feel GREAT!

This is ridiculous. I’m so ultra happy and amazing today that I can’t stop laughing. I would wonder what the neighbour thinks, but it doesn’t matter! Caw blimey, good job I woke up now, not 20 years down the line! I’ve made some wondrous wonders in the kitchen (like this HUGE pot of soup which […]

Self-talk, love and death

Last night saw a classic example of Joseph reading the wrong thing at bedtime. I currently have 10 books by the bed to read. All written in English, most of them packed with positivity and wonderfulness. The book that is feeling the pressure of my little stick-on post-it book mark things is β€œWhat to say […]

Beautiful baby

CONGRATULATIONS to Jo and Joe on the birth of Joseph Ben! Well done on making such a cute baby, and looking forward to meeting him at your wedding in the summer πŸ™‚ xxx

Bright Red

Following my one lecture today, I decided to go to Shinjuku Gyoen. Beautiful place, whatever the season, and so BIG! I hadn’t been there in the “maple leaf season” until today – it was well worth it. Especially as *Twinkle* happened to be loitering amongst the trees… An attempt to mimic last year’s classic from […]

15, 30, or 45 Degrees? Office etiquette in Japan

How can one remain positive when the first thing you see in the morning, upon turning your mobile phone on, is this: Another classic example of some Japanese-English translation gone slightly wrong! You would have thought that having been made by an international corporation (Sony) they would have thought to have asked someone in the […]

Wonder Drug

As you may recall, on Tuesdays I have my “Multiculturalism” class, focusing on Bradford, Chinese takeaways and Rastafarianism. The timing is such that I am guaranteed to feel sooo sleepy that I am almost in the land of nod as soon as I sit down. 3pm – 5pm is my danger zone, and this falls […]

A Beautiful Day

It was indeed a beautiful day today. Both above the clouds and down here on the ground. technorati tags: blue sky | autumn leaves | Daily Mumble

The possibilities are endless

Yo Yo Wiggy! Joseph’s got great big tonsils today. Hurrah for whatever I’ve caught! It’s turned absolutely freezing cold here now. The Kotatsu (heated table) has been in use quite a bit, as has the aircon-heater thing. Mmmm, so feeling pretty knacked, tiredness seeping through my bones. Nonetheless, the show must go on, and I […]

The Streets of St Petersburg

A good friend of mine from Sheffield University is currently on his year abroad – in Russia. Reading his blog tonight, I almost fell off my chair. Sounds like life in St. Petersburg is a wee bit different from that in Tokyo… Firmin’s Travels technorati tags: Sheffield University | Russia | St Petersburg | Daily […]

It’s a Girl!

CONGRATULATIONSTO YOU BOTH! Well done T&M – ε€§ε€‰γ‚ˆγγ§γγΎγ—γŸοΌ I must say I am absolutely delighted at the news, big smiles all round. That’s three of my bestest friends/couples all pregnant now, and my sister! Maybe there’s something in the air. Had best be extra careful eh, it might be catching! technorati tags: pregant | Daily Mumble

What is happiness?

I’m struggling for an answer here. Suggestions welcome. technorati tags: happiness | Daily Mumble

Overcoming Fear

Wow. The battle against the fear continues to rage. Of course, I don’t expect to one day wake up and no longer feel afraid, but I would like to reach the stage whereby I can do as I wish depsite the fear. The focus has shifted from the Kanji to other matters. For the past […]