Following my one lecture today, I decided to go to Shinjuku Gyoen. Beautiful place, whatever the season, and so BIG! I hadn’t been there in the “maple leaf season” until today – it was well worth it. Especially as *Twinkle* happened to be loitering amongst the trees…

An attempt to mimic last year’s classic from Chatsworth…

(there’s a few more pictures on my Japanese blog, and about 10,000 more on Flickr…)

Only one week of uni left, then 2 weeks off for revision. Looking forward to that, I love learning Japanese, and wish I had more time to go through the stuff we learn at uni. I’m so determined to get the kanji readings under my belt this winter, if only the book would show up – maybe the boat sunk on the way over from California!

Oh, if anyone would like to give me a Christmas present, they can do so at no cost to themselves – and VERY easily – simply click on any of the ads on this page – it really does generate an income, not much, but enough to cover the cost of the hosting for TGW.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to give anyone any presents until mid-January. Finances are so tight that its currently a matter of living on about 400yen (£2) per day – no exaggeration. You can imagine how delighted I was when the local greengrocer offered me as many bananas as I could carry for 50yen (25p) yesterday – he said he had too many and no-one was buying them! They’re not exactly the sweetest, but they are filling.

[EDIT: I think I may have discovered why they’re so cheap: Mainichi News article]

In a way it’s quite fun living on next-to-nothing. Helps me to stay at home and revise! At least the rent and bills are paid …and after all, if one never experiences the tough times, one can never appreciates the good times.

Anyhow, it’s bed time. Speak to you soon.


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