Well golly gosh what a long day. It’s 3.15am, I really must go to bed. Have been busy baking (very exciting, mega-successful culinary delights, at least they look mega-successful, will find out tomorrow and Monday). Listened to a couple of hours of an incredibly empowering audio-book. Life is just oozing opportunities.

My cutey managed to get her plane in the end despite all the foggy chaos, and is now somewhere over Russia. I’ll be joining the whole family for some jet-lagged birthday celebrations in the morning. Monday is the traditional Chrimbo in the south – the 6kg turkey is awaiting my stuffing-fist apparently.

What a great year its been. I’m very excited about next year too.

Oh, the podcast, www.ayearinjapan.com; I will be recording more episodes soon – just been so busy!

Goodnight, and a very Happy Christmas to you all.

xxx love joseph

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  1. Glad things worked out well with Twinkle-tachi getting back here! All the best to you and she, and I hope you have a lovely Christmas!