This is ridiculous. I’m so ultra happy and amazing today that I can’t stop laughing. I would wonder what the neighbour thinks, but it doesn’t matter! Caw blimey, good job I woke up now, not 20 years down the line!

I’ve made some wondrous wonders in the kitchen (like this HUGE pot of soup which is packed full of goodness and will feed me for the next three days), I’ve done some ultra crafty stuff with my mac having discovered this great creative program that was lurking in its depths, I’ve made 100 business cards, each one different from the other, featuring a different photo from my favourite everest photos (not as in mountain but as in ever ever ever), I’ve taken delivery of 6 CDs which have nearly made me fall over they’re so exciting, I’ve read some fascinating articles in my current Japanese read-of-the-day, a magazine focusing on uni students… now I just ned to have a shower and get ready for the Christmas party I was invited to yesterday with a whole bunch of students who I met, funnily enough, for the first time yesterday. AND I remember the names of all the people who told me their names! And i STILL remember my own name.

Crikey, life is so exciting my head’s gonna explode!

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  1. Crikey?! It really has that effect?! I’ve yet to figure out what “Crikey” is in Japanese, but when I do, be prepared to hear about a media frenzy in the land of the rising sun…