A Gym Virgin no more

The other day Tom mentioned that he’d found his local municipal gym. Run by the local authorities, it’s a bit run down, but dirt cheap – 100 yen (42p) per session. Thus, a few days ago I popped down to where he lives, and off we set to pump some iron. I’d never been to […]


The first of February 2007: Participate in the biggest mobilization ofCitizens Against Global Warming! The Alliance for the Planet [a group of environmental associations, apparently based in France] is calling out to all citizens (which is blatantly rather silly of them, calling out to ALL citizens is going to create some problems, see notes below); […]

A Year in Japan – Episode 04 out now!

The slightly delayed Episode 4 of the podcast, A Year in Japan is out now! Learn all about New Year in Japan, and hear a fantastic recording of an impromptu performance on a Kyoto bus… Visit www.ayearinjapan.com for more info on how you can subscribe for free. The advanced version, with its superior sound quality, […]

It’s Saturday

…and I have a hangover! I went out with my old mate Stu, his wife and friends last night. Karaoke – It was great, I really really enjoyed myself!! It was “all you can drink” though, so the beers just kept on coming! Then on to an Irish bar, and eventually back home. Plumbed in […]

life overload

Crikey, there’s just so much going on to be excited about I just don’t know how to deal with it all. You know that kanji study – it seems to be going out of the window. As for the Year Abroad Project due in next week, well, that may not be all that great, if […]

A major revelation in the bathroom

Wow. I’ve just experienced a major life-changing revelation. There’s been something that has troubled me for years, as far back as I can remember, something that has made me wonder whether there’s a secret global co-ordinated effort to made me feel like an idiot. Just a few moments ago, in the toilet here in this […]

The wireless waves

It’s amazing how quickly Wireless Internet Access has spread. These days, no matter where I go, I find an abundance of wireless networks floating around. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for unprotected wireless networks. It seems that most people have now caught on to the fact that an unsecured Wireless Network is not a […]

The NHK Man Always Rings Thrice

It’s not uncommon for the doorbell to ring here. Visitors include People trying to sell newspaper subscriptions (whilst generously handing out free toilet rolls and washing powder: I gave the latter to the secretary at uni, and the former I wiped my bum with. That’s what I think of that newspaper) the Japanese equivalent of […]

To Do list

Hey hey hey so yes indeedy long time no mumble. Been veeeery busy building a mini-website, soon to be launched on the TGW Network. Also been busy not going to exams (I’m so naughty! Well, they are optional after all, what would YOU do?), feeling overwhelmed by all these ideas I have and just not […]

The excitement of water filters

We open today with my latest portrait piece – that of Dodge. “Splatter & Dodge are the two bumbling sidekicks of Diesel 10. He collectively refers to them as “Splodge” claiming that saying both their names takes too long. Although the other engines do fear them, they do not have the intelligence or villainy to […]

Another Stupid Foreigner story

It may only be 7.30am, but we’ve already had quite an eventful day. First, there was the 3.18am earthquake. Ok, so it was only a baby, 5.7 at the epicentre, 3 in Tokyo, but it was the first one we’ve had since September that’s been strong enough to rock the house. I say ‘only a […]

A round of applause for Marks and Spencer

A round of applause for Marks and Spencer please. [click here for the story] This is EXACTLY what we need to hear more of, and a prime example of what happens when enough individuals act with their wallets. Well done all concerned.

Be the Change

Thanks to Michael, who lives in The Sun, a house that sits on the opposite side of the valley where I was brought up, I have come across www.bethechange.org.uk. The preview videos are really worth watching. For the music alone if you don’t agree with the message. We can make a difference. [EDIT] There will […]

A 19-year-old-Joseph

Browsing through my old photo albums in search of a travel story for the next edition of the ‘magazine’ I mentioned in my last post, I came across the one titled “Jened, Summer 1997”. Wow, looking at these really takes me back. These were taken (surprisingly enough) on a ferry just off Manhatten island or […]

A very happy birthday – and the discovery of my magic power

My very thanks to all of you who really made my day! I had a lovely birthday, with *Twinkle*, and Tom, and this evening Miyu too. A surprise birthday cake, a second visit to the cinema to see James Bond, love it (with the exception of the appalling product-placement by Sony), messages on my mobile […]

Birthday Boy

I’m VERY excited! TGW will be growing a couple of offshoots in the spring, which I can’t tell you about just yet because they’re just too exciting. In fact they’re so exciting that it’s a similar situation to The Funniest Joke in the World, used against the Germans in the Second World War. It was […]

Omelette: Mark II

This post follows on from the one I posted a couple of days ago which featured a great photo of my astonishing culinary skills. You know, the soggy mess, the soggy mess that one mumbler described as having been ‘boiled in coffee’, and containing lumps of snot. Well, amongst the many emails containing such compliments […]

A new dawn

Oh. My. God. I’m off to join the queue now (it’s well worth the 1-year wait we have in Japan!) http://www.apple.com/iphone/ Here’s a quick intro to the amazing wonder that it is. The keynote is a must watch too – the excitement starts 25 mins into the two-hour drool fest. technorati tags: iphone | mac | Daily Mumble

My carbon footprint

My God. The US are at it again. “So many dead people were lying in the area. We do not know who is who, but the raid was a success,” interim Somali government spokesman Abdirahman Dinari told AFP news agency. Well, that’s alright then. I don’t think it matters what they have done, no one […]

The Google God

About an hour ago, I wrote a Daily Mumble entry which made fun of certain segments of society. Nothing new there then. I had my usual mental list of people who might read it, and figured that they wouldn’t be offended. However, in the course of doing a bit of post-publication research, a Google Search […]

Le Cuisine a la fit for a la Queen

*Twinkle* started work this week. Being Japan, this means leaving the house just after 8am and returning at about 10pm – it’s set to stay that way for the next 6 months or so. Anyhow, in order to do my best to help her cope with this gruelling schedule, I am now doing all the […]

Happy New Year!

I really like *Twinkle’s* family. This holiday season has seen me spend quite a bit of time with them (including the past three days), and thus we have got to know one another a lot better. I feel relaxed when at the family home, and the family are relaxed around me. We’ve started to pull […]