…and I have a hangover!

I went out with my old mate Stu, his wife and friends last night. Karaoke – It was great, I really really enjoyed myself!! It was “all you can drink” though, so the beers just kept on coming! Then on to an Irish bar, and eventually back home.

Plumbed in our bathroom water filter this morning (invlved the use of a great big wrench – astonishing what you can get in 100 yen (42p) shops, …then had my first chlorine-free shower in months. Wow, what a treat that was, no more asthma for us! Finally got round to getting some organic miso the other day too, so that’s back on the menu.

Mum – thanks for my hiking boots, they arrived today in their rather funny boot-shaped package, along with the other post. Shame I can’t use them for snowboarding – the hotel I’m staying at next month says they don’t have boots to fit my great big planks! I don’t think boots will be all that important anyway as I can’t snowboard – tried once in 1997, gave up after 30 mins, and suffered with a very bruised arse for a couple of weeks!

What I meant to say was “I can’t snowboard YET!”

Oh Oh oh Remembering the Kanji Volume II has finally turned up, and it’s in perfect condition! Am delighted. Perfect timing, so I don’t lose the desire to learn the swines. RAAAAAAAAAAAA

Spose I’d better have brekkie.


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  1. I’m currently realising just how big a problem kanji are set to become, and would love to get my hands on Heisig 1, if at all possible. Any ideas of where to find a book that appears criminally unavailable for something so useful?