Hey hey hey so yes indeedy long time no mumble. Been veeeery busy building a mini-website, soon to be launched on the TGW Network. Also been busy not going to exams (I’m so naughty! Well, they are optional after all, what would YOU do?), feeling overwhelmed by all these ideas I have and just not enough time to put them into practice. I need a clone.

So, my first semester is over. The final exams (those that were compulsory) were a mixture of very difficult and very easy. Overall, I’m happy with how I did. Well done me. I am now faced with an 11 week holiday, which may sound like a long time, but it isn’t, especially when you have a list of to do items that looks a bit like this:

So, as you can see, I have my work cut out!

I am so excited by all the possibilities in life. I’m finally starting to realise that there’s just no point in waiting for things to happen, I’ve got to MAKE it happen!

The start of my holiday is not the only thing to have had a big impact upon our daily routine: *Twinkle* has started work. As she thought, the hours are incredibly long. I’m not exaggerating when I say that yesterday was typical; she left the house at 7.20am, and got back at 11pm. Still, working hours aside, in terms of how it treats its staff, it is a great company, Completely different from my image of a typical Japanese company. I’m really proud of her. her job is not at all easy, and I personally would be shitting myself if it was me.

In three years from now she’ll have completed her contract and be able to retire.

Hurray for life!