BIG shoes, and a recommended radio station

I record this here for my own reference and for other gaijin in Japan who suffer from the BIG feet problem – with the average Japanese foot being only 17cm in length it’s tricky to get shoes in your size. Thankfully, Hikari Shoes, with branches in Shinjuku, Okachimachi and Kawasaki (I think), have shoes up […]

First semester results

I’ve just received a postcard with my first semester results on from Rikkyo University. I’m happy to say, that out of 5 subjects, I scored between 90% and 100% for 3 of them, and between 80% and 89% for the other 2. Hurrah! Now there’s just next week’s level-placement test to deal with. Tags: results […]


The cherry blossom has arrived in Tokyo. Spot the train floating in the midst of the sakura Tags: sakura | Tokyo | Japan | Cherry blossom | The Daily Mumble

A very important song

I think everyone should buy it. Best viewed here: Moon song But a shortened, low-quality version for people with external-link phobia, can be viewed here: Oh, the follow up to that reveals some terrible truths about the moon: Tags: We like tha moon | The Daily Mumble

Student Loan

Amazing. Time taken to apply for next years student loan (worth almost £6000): 5 minutes, requiring no keys to be pressed, just 20 or so mouse clicks. All done. I love my LEA. Tags: student loan | The Daily Mumble

Proud to be No.1

It was pointed out to me today that if you put the words “runny” “nose” and “sticky” into Google, you get about 107,000 results. And what comes in at Number One? Why, The Daily Mumble of course!Google search results for ‘Runny Nose Sticky’

Long Journey Home

*Twinkle* and I are now on our way back to Tokyo from Kobe – by local train. We left our friend’s apartment 3 hours ago. We’ll arrive at home in about 8 hours time. We’re not the only ones to have chosen this incredibly slow, but incredibly cheap way to back to the capital. At […]

Osaka cafe

I’m in the “new reborned Cafe Break”, where they request that you “please enjoy your time in the pocket park in a city” (note that the cafe is not situated in a park. It’s in an underground shopping mall). The sandwich menu lists all sorts of treats, including the “Daily Dog”. I think I’ll give […]

Back on track

Helloooooo!! I’m back in the rounge again. Lots of naked legs around me, poking out from between the folds of their Yukatas. The HUGE TV at the front of the room is showing what I first thought was a second-rate imitation of Jurassic Park. However, having just caught a glimpse of the face of the […]

Capsule hotels, red umbrellas and green tea

Maybe I’m becoming intolerant. Smoking, it really gets to me these days. I used to think of it as everyone’s right to smoke if they wished to, and would just move out of a smokey environment if it was getting to me. But these days, sitting in the path of someone’s clouds of exhaled smoke […]

A Year in Japan – Episode 7 out now!

In episode 7 of the Oscar-nominated A Year in Japan, Joseph brings to you the sounds of Japan. It’s election time, so anyone who thinks they can enjoy a quiet day in the office has another thing coming. We also hear some sound-bytes from my favourite shoe-shop workers, and a Mac and PC battle it […]

Intrusive massage

You can’t walk more than 50 yards in Tokyo without being accosted by a masseur. They lurk under bridges, in alleyways, behind public toilet doors. I’ve had a few run-ins with them, the most memorable being in the gaijin districted of Roppongi. She was very cunning, fooling me into thinking that I was being led […]

Blue Tokyo Skies

I’m quite fond of these two photos. They’re quite Tokyo-esque. The first is taken from the bridge outside Shinjuku south, looking down the road towards Government Building number 5 (or is it number 2?). The second is the 54-ish storey towers of Government Building number one, as reflected in the glass of Takashimaya Times Square. […]

Where to sit in Japan

Coming on a business trip to Japan? Here’s some vital info for you. One must always position oneself according to one’s rank when with a group of fellow business folks. From the top left, the following situations are described: 1) In a meeting 2) In an elevator 3) In a train 4) In a taxi […]

9.5 hours in the office

Like a proper little salary man me. I spent 9.5 hours in the office today. Thankfully, I was assigned a task I quite like (making a website), and I was given free reign to do it however I liked (I opted for Dreamweaver 8 on my MacBook!). It was pretty satisfying really – basically a […]

Hit me up!!

I just got the following message via a university mailing list that the international circle I’m a member of uses. “Now, im planning to go bowling on 3/22. tha fee is about\1000. Can you join me?if you are interested in, hit me up!!” “Hit me up”?! Suggestions on what they want me to do to […]

Emergency Landing

Wow, I just saw a video that almost made me cry. It happened this just a few hours ago when a plane bound for Kochi (Japan) had to make an emergency landing without its front landing gear. The incident was broadcast live on Japanese TV: Real Player Video (If that link doesn’t work, go to […]


Those of you who know my father would I’m sure appreciate being informed that he is currently enjoying the amazing menu they have at the Hereford General Hospital. It seems his unstable angina has returned, and thus has been taken in for an angiogram thingy where they inject radioactive dye into his veins and watch […]

Which Edition Would You Like Sir?

Classic. Wow. What a weekend. You know what, I went to a talk tonight by Robert Kiyosaki’s interpreter (Robert Kiyosaki being the author of the No.1 Best Sellers Rich Dad Poor Dad (1 & 2), and I understood almost everything that was said. Bloody hell I thought, this university thing is really working. My speaking […]

Another part time job!

Caw blimey gov I’ve got another part time job! Totally flexible, in that I can work pretty much whatever hours I want, pay not that bad, but most importantly, in a nice environment and for a good cause: in the Oxfam Japan Office, helping with the preparation for the 100km Trailwalker hike! This is jolly […]

Choosing to Opt Out

Today, *Twinkle* is handing in her notice at the company she’s been working at since January. It’s one of Japan’s largest advertising companies, and its name looks great on a CV. There’s just one problem with this company: it overworks its employees. Yesterday was not atypical: she left the house at 8am, and got home […]

A runny nose

I’m currently enjoying a bizarre ‘medical condition’. It all started about four days ago. I was in bed, almost asleep, but still in that phase of trying to find a comfy position. It was whilst I was turning over that I felt a bizarre sensation in my back of my nose. It felt a bit […]

I’m an uncle again!!

CONGRATS to my clever little sis and her fella on the birth of their third little boy, this one also born in the bathroom at home, just like the first two. Dad is delighted, as this means he can now use his “Royal Flush” joke! Typical of Jessie, when I phoned her a few minutes […]

A Year in Japan – Episode 06 out now!

In Episode 6 of the podcast that has just won the Joseph Tame Award for the Joseph in Japan who has done the most podcasts today, we hear all about volunteering in Japan, and why it is such a good idea for students on their year abroad. There’s also the latest gossip from the Ministry […]

One Day Oxfam Shop – A Great Success!

Wow! What a great day, it was REALLY successful! Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered, and to all of you who came a long and bought something! Special thanks to Paul, owner of Heaven’s Door, for making it all possible. I’m not sure how much we raised yet – watch this space for […]

One Day Oxfam Shop – Saturday 3rd March

Hey folks, a bit late notice, but we have our fabulous One Day Oxfam Shop TOMORROW, from 1pm to 5pm at Heaven’s Door, Shimo Kitazawa (10 mins on the Inokashira line from Shibuya / Kichijoji, OR the Odakyu line from Shinjuku). Check out our amazing website for directions and all. All money raised will […]

Bums in the air chaps – It’s Springtime!

Oh yeah, smiley season tis on its way. The latest variety of plum to be developed, Symetriculus Photoshopius, has been specially bred to appear completely symetrical – a mirror reflection of itself. As you can see, the designers have done pretty well. Amazing what they can do with technology these days. technorati tags: spring | plum blossom | Daily […]

The most beautiful stairwell

I saw this, and gasped. If you’d like to visit it, you’ll find it on the 2nd mezzanine floor of Seibu Department store, Ikebukuro. technorati tags: photos | stairwell | Ikebukuro | Seibu | Daily Mumble