Like a proper little salary man me. I spent 9.5 hours in the office today.

Thankfully, I was assigned a task I quite like (making a website), and I was given free reign to do it however I liked (I opted for Dreamweaver 8 on my MacBook!).

It was pretty satisfying really – basically a case of creating an English version of a section of the Oxfam Trailwalker website. It’s a basic design – functional – but nonetheless I ran into some real problems with some fiddly bits of formatting which kept on screwing it all up.

At the beginning of the day I was working from rough translations done by other staff – but by the end of the day, when everyone was running around trying to get everything done for tomorrow’s deadline, it was a case of “Here’s a Japanese document, can you translate it into English and upload it please?” Thus, today I did my first bit of paid translation. In the past I’ve always been the proofreader – it was nice to be able to do it all myself without any problems with the language (although admittedly it was very simple stuff, and context told me a lot of what I needed to know).

I’m glad to be able to help out – everyone’s running round like headless chickens at the mo, there’s so much preparation to do. And they’re very nice people too, encouraging me to shout out the office window at the election candidates on the street below to tell them to shut up!

If I was to put to one side the fact that I was working for Oxfam (for a worthwhile cause in a nice environment), I would have found my day as a salaryman incredibly depressing…

*Twinkle* and I have a goal: to make £1500 a month in passive income by June 2008. This would mean that we can effectively “retire”, as that’s all we need to live on. Of course, in reality we won’t retire, we’ll just put our time into creating more business for our businesses, but it will be nice to know that we don’t actually have to get up the next day if we don’t want to. We can lie in bed all day and read about how to make amazing videos with Final Cut Pro, and what legal hoops we have to jump through to set up a charity organisation.

Our current passive income, excluding interest on savings, is only about £300 per year (mainly advertising on TGW), so we have a fair way to go! But we’ll get there. As long as we don’t spend too much time in the office.

Anyway, my head is pazazzed, so I’d better shut down. *Twinkle*’s away for a couple of nights with her work colleagues (soon to be EX-work colleagues!), so it’s mightily quiet round here!


P.s. Father update: The doctors can’t seem to make their minds up what to do. They couldn’t complete yesterday’s test as the thing they stuck in him to investigate his innards started to damage the artery wall! They say it’ll repair itself in a couple of weeks… In the meantime they might try and go in through his arm. Ouch.

I’ve been learning about free radicals lately. Scary stuff. I didn’t know that doing sports actually increases your free-radical production – not that that’s an excuse not to exercise! I’ve also been noticing how many people smoke in Japan. And they say suicide is painless. Not when it comes in the form of a long, drawn-out case of death by cancer.

Hmm, what a jolly thought.