I’m currently enjoying a bizarre ‘medical condition’. It all started about four days ago. I was in bed, almost asleep, but still in that phase of trying to find a comfy position.

It was whilst I was turning over that I felt a bizarre sensation in my back of my nose. It felt a bit like I was underwater, most odd.

Still, I thought nothing of it until the following day when I went to bed. I lay down, and turned my head to the side. All of a sudden, a great torrent of fluid came pouring out of my nose, completely unexpected. I didn’t have a cold, and this was too runny to be snot – it was just a kind of very sticky yellow water.

The same thing has now happened for the past three nights. When I go to bed, lye down, and turn my head to the left, this sticky water comes pouring out of my nose. It doesn’t smell of anything, it’s just sticky, and yellow, but really doesn’t fit into conventional definitions of snot.

I was wondering if maybe this is cerebral fluid that has escaped from my forever-expanding brain – after all, it always happens at bed time, just after I’ve been reading my book.

Where on earth is this stuff coming from, and what is it?

Any suggestions warmly welcomed.

p.s. mother and baby doing very well.

[EDIT 2 (has replaced previous edit)]

Having consulted with my GP in Sheffield, and spoken to NHS direct, it seems unlikely that this is a case of a CSF leak, as I have no other symptoms. Whilst the stuff coming out of my nose does fit the description of Cerebralspinal fluid, (very runny, and straw-coloured), I don’t have a headache, I have not sustained any blows to the ‘ed of late, and overall I feel pretty well.

So that’s all jolly good.

I love Skype. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

[EDIT 3]

It’s great when one of your best friends is a GP. Thing is, the folks at NHS Direct and all that are too busy trying not to get sued to give you honest advice. Far better to call someone who you know cares about you, and who is very clever. I’m so glad she decided to do 7 years of training on my behalf.

She reminded me of those occasions when you go swimming in the sea, and then have about 2 liters pouring out of your nose every day for a few days. Well, apart from the sea bit, this is entirely consistent with that. Basically a big build-up of fluid in the sinuses. Must stop snorting hot-water bottles.

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  1. Hi there! Guess your name is Joseph too? I did a google search under ‘runny nose sticky’ and up came your blog. Almost 15 years ago, I had the exact same thing happen. I was riding in an elevator and all of a sudden this yellow-colored, thin fluid came rushing out my nose. There was A LOT of it coming out that it running onto the floor. A nice lady reached in her purse and gave me a tissue as I was trying to collect it with my hand (gross, sorry.) The stuff was SUPER STICKY! No one ever could tell me what it was. Although, I had sinus surgery a few years before. This morning while sitting here at the computer, the same thing happened. However, this time, I have a slighty cold. But the same thin, yellowish, watery substance just started dripping out and it’s sticky. Weird. I hope it’s not some kind of cerebral fluid šŸ™‚ Joseph