Those of you who know my father would I’m sure appreciate being informed that he is currently enjoying the amazing menu they have at the Hereford General Hospital. It seems his unstable angina has returned, and thus has been taken in for an angiogram thingy where they inject radioactive dye into his veins and watch it make its way around his body, the idea being that it shows up which artery is blocked.

Of course it depends on the results (which should be known by Wednesday evening GMT), but the most likely outcome is that he will have a stent fitted – a thing to open up the blocked artery. It’s not that serious an operation when compared with the quad bypass he had a few years back, but none the less, a bit more serious than, say, a day at Disneyland.

So yes, your thoughts would be appreciated, directed towards Hereford General County Hospital, which is about 3 hours West of London and north a bit.

I thank you.

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  1. Thanks!

    The hospital doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing due to the good old lack of resources, so for the time being we’re playing wait and see.