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Episode 08: Capsule hotels, Love Hotels and Electronic Dictionaries

In episode 8 of the most-downloaded podcast by Joseph Tame ever, A Year in Japan, Joseph brings to you insider information on not only life in a Capsule hotel, but also play in a love hotel. If neither of those take your fancy, try a Manga-kissa, about which the Tame has some disturbing info.

There’s some great info about dictionaries – are the electronic type all they’re cracked up to be? Plus, some amazing listener feedback that brought tears to host’s eyes.

All this and more on the bed-wettingly exciting 8th episode of A Year in Japan.


Links to stuff I mention in the show:

Trailwalker: Link

Osaka Capsule Hotels: Link

Love Hotels: Link

Electronic dictionaries: Link to

Tokyo city atlas: Amazon

Giant shoes shop: Website

Finding Japan podcast: Website

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