Wow. Things really are rollercoaster-esque at the moment.

It’s good though. It’s a result of being forced out of our comfort zones in a bid to better ourselves.

One major factor is *Twinkle*’s new-found confidence, the coming into bud of which is an absolute delight to behold, whilst also being shit scary. It often happens this way though, when a partner trades their old role in for a new, far more powerful one. The power struggles are almost comical at times. I’m trying hard to adapt to the situation, and I know we’ll get there. It’s good for me to be made to feel inadequate, I mean, I can’t always be wonderful at everything can I?

It would be nice to live in a slighter bigger house though, to allow for our two egos battling it out.

There’s the challenge of uni too – I note from my friend’s blogs that I am not the only one finding this semester the toughest yet ever (and we’re only 8 days into it!). I’m just grateful I don’t have know-it-all classmates, and that all teachers at Rikkyo are so damn nice.

I am gonna get through this, and I’m gonna do well. This is all good. No pain, no gain.


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  1. What, no teachers telling you you clearly aren’t used to Japanese yet? No classmates joining in a muttered chorus when you pause over a kanji reading? Clearly you haven’t lived… and may I just say how envious I am? T__T

    If I get back next year and find myself more than able to cope with my classes, homework and exams then it will all have been worthwhile, but the nightmare is that it doesn’t actually do a thing and I still get grades as low as I ever did. On the plus side though, I have to kill myself just to keep up right now, so there is at least a short-term goal to keep me motivated, it’s not like I’m going above and beyond the call of anything in particular. I was the one who begged to be put into these classes so this clearly falls under “facing the consequences of your actions”, but I have to admit that I’d give anything to trade my hard-hearted grammar teachers and self-absorbed fluent classmates for more sympathetic versions!