I’m very disappointed that I couldn’t go hiking today. When I woke up this morning the anti-inflammatory meds had worn off, and I was back in my paralysed state – I have since managed to get down from the loft by using the fall-down-the-ladder tecnique, it’s quite effective in moving from high places to low places, and best of all, you don’t even need a ladder!

The silver lining, well, more a sort of an off-gray lining with a smearing of cat food along its outer edge, is that today I can continue to work on my essay, you know, try and reverse all my arguments so they fit in with my findings. Well, actually, it’s been more a case of changing the study into a comparison of the wedding industry in the 1980s/1990s and now, instead of taking the wedding industry as a whole and putting a big sticker on it saying ‘post modern’. I know, cunning. I’m thinking of putting some nice fresh sushi in with the package when I send it off to Sheffield to help persuade my tutor to give me a pass.

I’ m very glad I found that online survey thing. It was well worth the £5 fee, saved me heaps of time, and I reckon increased the number of replies I got. People don’t seem to mind online-surveys that much, no having to open Microsoft Word, or find a pen. Best of all is when the results come in you just right-click, and select ‘toggle Rikaichan’ which then gives you all the translations for any kanji you don’t know. The only issue I had with it was when I selected “export as Excel Spreadsheet” it had a problem with the Japanese characters, and thus it was a case of copy and paste into Excel manually from the webpage.

I desperately want to be a photographer, and I really miss having a proper camera. I’m almost embarrassed of my photos of late.

ho de hum.