OK, Sleep Management Program has been initiated.

Friday will see me having to get up at 4.30am, and not get to bed again for at least 40 hours. About 3/4 of that will be spent walking.

Thus, today I’m forcing myself to get up early despite a late night, so tonight I’ll be tired enough to be in bed by 10pm. Tomorrow, I hope to be in bed by 9pm, so as to ensure I get 6 hours sleep at least, and hopefully 7.

I’m increasing my Epilim (anti-epilepsy drug) intake temporarily to stave off any tiredness-related seizures. I’ve noticed that my seizures are not just brought on my sleepiness (as I always thought was the case), but also by relatively short periods of intense physical exertion, thus, if I don’t up my dose, Friday could be a great seizure fest. I first noticed this last summer when doing hard physical work, but it wasn’t until I started to go to the gym this Spring that I could say for sure that there was a definite link between the two.

I’ll be making the rounds today at uni too to collect some more donations to try and get us nearer to our target. I know the International Centre staff want to to support us, they just need a little encouragement.

I bet you’ll be glad when it’s over: I’ll stop going on about donations. Maybe. Technically we have until July to raise funds… 🙂 (click here to donate!!)

I’ll also be attempting to catch up on this horrendous backlog of homework I have. I’m not quite sure how it came about, but I find myself today with a humoungous mountain of essays and reading to do, and of course my kanji study which is now being encouraged by my participation in a bit of PhD research, which involves being interviewed every week on my progress.

I’d like to have a web-cam strapped to my head throughout the walk to show you just how lovely Japan is, but I think you might get tired of looking at Nigel’s arse for that long.

As shown above, the weather forecast remains excellent. Not scorchingly hot. These temperatures are for Tokyo so I expect it will be a little cooler up the mountains. I have my faithful Tilley hat to ward off the rays.

I’m looking forward to sunrise on Saturday morning (4.34am) – that should be nice. Hope to get some good pictures too.

Anyway, must get on.