Unless I’m very much mistaken, one respondent has replied that their ideal wedding would include …chasing sheep!

Its interesting how much the wedding scene has changed over the past two decades in Japan. Gone are the 3 meter dry-ice emitting cakes and extravagant shows of spending.

The keyword these days is “At Home”, with the reception being designed as a thank you for close friends and family, for helping the couple reach this point in their lives.

Whilst a part of me is glad that the wax cakes are out, another part of me is deeply dissapointed as it invalidates my entire thesis, which had been based on a few leading pieces of research in this area …which having been carried out in the 1990s are now hopelessly out of date, something I didn’t know until last week.

I’m going through one of those ‘falling in love with Bjork, again” phases. Her new album comes out next week, and all the video podcasts of her jumping about in her fantastic crocheted monster suit have really got to me.

I even decided that I would go and see her live, no matter what the ticket price, but alas, she’s not coming to Japan. If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket to Glastonbury, you can see her there.

Anyway, back to the perfect wedding.

p.s. One more classic answer:
Q: What’s the most important part of a wedding day?
A: Telling the bride she’s beautiful even if she’s ugly.

6 Responses

  1. You’d be pleased to know that fake cakes, dry ice and ice sculptures with stacked champagne glasses are still the NORM at Singapore weddings 🙂

  2. Hey, you’ve produced research that invalidates and disproves the leading research on the subject to date! Take some pride in that! 😀

    I’m glad it seems like your project is going well, good luck getting it finished!

  3. Amelia: It’s been reassuring to know that someone else is at about the same stage of it all as me – thanks!

  4. I seem to go through one of those phases about every 6 months, hehe.

    Your project sounds interesting!!